Change Happens

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Just as Forrest Gump says, “Change Happens.” Ok, that might not be the exact quotation, but I’d like to interpret it this way for all of you Real Estate Moms. Change is unavoidable. It happens. We’ve all learned that we can’t stop it from hitting us on the back of the head when we least expect it. As moms in a constantly changing and shifting Real Estate Market, we are used to it. Nevertheless, no matter how many times it happens, we still feel surprised when things pop up, whether it’s in business, life, family, or romance. How do you “deal” with change? How would you like to “deal” with change?

  • Yearly Planning:
    Change can sometimes be unexpected and surprising, but you can also use change for your own advancement if you use it the right way. Taking a look at your journal or your Business Plan from last year, how has your business changed this past year? What were positive changes and what were negative changes? How would you like to change your business this year? A good idea to change the direction of your business in a positive way to result in greater returns is to revamp your lead generation plan. Now is the time to make your shift from print marketing to online marketing. Online marketing is unparalleled to the publicity and information that it offers when comparing it to print marketing such as flyers, newspaper advertisements and mailings. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but it attracts the large amount of younger generation buyers that has grown and continues to is a great company that helps create interactive, easy-to-use websites specifically for Real Estate Agents.
  • Journal:
    One good thing that I have found to be incredibly effective is a journal. Although you don’t need to write about everything that happened every hour of every day, or whether it was partly cloudy or sunny today, you can write about what’s happened in your business. By writing down your frustrations and contentment with your business’s progress, you can chronicle how your business has grown or weakened and why it has done so. Also, by writing down things that frustrate you, it helps you work things out more constructively than holding things in and trying to erase them from your mind. No feeling or frustration is ever “out of the ordinary,” it’s the action that you take that ultimately has a positive or negative effect on your business and life.
  • Groups:
    Beyond business, how has your life been changing? Have you recently been married? Have you gotten a divorce? Have your children moved out? Most importantly, who is helping you through the changes in your life? Many times we believe that work is work and life is life; that they are two completely different entities. However, they are constantly reflecting one another whether or not it is obvious to us. Finding someone who understands you and who you can be a support system for in return is necessary in creating positive and healthy relationships at home and at work. Good forms of support can be your partner, a girlfriend, or a coach. If you have recently been divorced, you might feel completely alone in your business and as a mother. It helps to know that you’re not on your own, but there are many other women in real estate who have been divorced and are trying to answer the same questions and predicaments that are combating you. Please see my

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