The Art of Moving On

by | Oct 26, 2014 | Real Estate Moms | 0 comments

Sometimes we find that our closets and rooms have “fire hazard” written all over them. Not being able to get to your vacuum, a good excuse sometimes, but not being able to find your fire extinguisher, a bad thing. Not only do we find that our houses can be overwhelmingly cluttered, but I’m sure you’ve had days that you can’t see one inch of your desk because of all of the papers, contracts, files, and projects stacked one on top of the other. With a few extra hours that can save a lot of time in the future that you would normally use in looking for lost items, you could clean your office and home and also teach your children a positive lesson on the “art of moving on.”  
  • Memories:Post-holiday dirt is a great way to teach your children the importance of purging. Clean up your room and your children’s by going through your old clothes, accessories, etc. and compare them with all of the new things that you received for the Holidays. This is a great way to teach your children the art of “moving on.” They don’t need to keep the tiny shirt that reminded them of Disneyland, but if they want to keep pictures or ticket stubs, start a scrapbook with them. Scrapbooks can be a good way to bond with your child, and also a good way to organize memories so that they are not just stuffed in the closet or Tupperware bins in your garage or closets.
  • “Out With The Old, In With The New:”By teaching your children the old saying “out with the old, in with the new,” you can instill positive future thinking from a young age. This will inspire them to look to the future and see all of the possibilities ahead of them. While you are re-evaluating what they need to keep and what they can toss, use this time to ask your children what they want to do in the future. For instance, if they are having trouble getting rid of that t-shirt from Disneyland, ask them where they would want to go next year, or what kind of vacation would be their dream vacation. Get them excited about what’s coming up and what they can save up for, research on, and maintain good behavior for.
  • Purging in the Office:At your office, go through your filing systems and purge things that are unimportant or hold little value for your business. Business cards, for instance, can stack up and are ultimately unnecessary with the technology we have today. Find a good Business Card Scanner that is accompanied by software that links to Act, Outlook, Top Producer, and other contact databases. Scanning your business cards is a good way to organize your contacts so they don’t get lost in the rolodex, and it’s also a good way to clean up your drawers and files. The Microtek Scan-in-Dex 1000 Business Card Scanner is a good way to consolidate all of those business cards into your current contact organization software. Purge e-mails in your inbox that you don’t need or have already been answered. You can organize your e-mail account with numerous folders so that you may set apart e-mails from your children with those from agents and those from clients.
  • Business Planning:While you are going through all of the files and business cards that you have accumulated this year, how will you use these contacts and the “memories” of the deals that you made this year to expand your business and take it to the next level? Make a file of things you want to do. For instance, whether it’s a vacation or a business retreat, make a file of things that you can look forward to. Have your child make a file just like yours of his/her plans for the next vacation or summer camp. Put it alongside your files so you don’t lose sight of their dreams while pursuing your own. See my Real Estate Business Planning Guidefor more ways to harmonize your business with your life.
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