Is Your Life in Balance?

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Relationship Marketing

Sometimes we focus our energies so much on a few areas of our life that we forget that other areas are also important. Which areas have you neglected recently?The Wheel of Life, sometimes called the Balance Wheel, will help you visualize your current situation. It will provide a snapshot of how you see your life today. Each spoke in the Balance Wheel represents an area in your life that can contribute to your feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Now, you will NEVER be in total balance, however, it is important to acknowledge the areas of your life you may have been neglecting in pursuit of your other goals. If you wish, you can make the wheel more meaningful by changing any of the eight aspects given here. Give yourself a score based on your current level of satisfaction with each. This does not mean you are to grade yourself compared to others success based on society’s ideals. This is about you and how you feel right now about your life. Rank the eight areas in the Wheel of Life on a scale of 1-10 (1 being completely dissatisfied and 10 being completely fulfilled)

1.   Career/Business/Work    _____(1-10)
2.   Social/Friendships _____(1-10)
3.    Community/Service/Charity _____(1-10)
4.    Financial/Money/Lifestyle _____(1-10)
5.    Physical/Fitness/Health   _____(1-10)
6.    Spiritual Growth     _____(1-10)
7.    Family/Love/Relationships   _____(1-10)
8.    Mental/Personal Growth    _____(1-10)

Fill in the segments on this graph with your scores to get a visual representation of how your life is balanced.

Now connect the dots. How would your car travel if the wheels were in this shape? If half of the wheel is flat or if it is an odd shape and not round you will have problems gaining momentum in all areas of your life.

What would you need to do in each of the 8 areas to raise the number to a 10 within the next year? Place a star next to the 2-3 areas that you would most like to improve.

1.  Career

2.  Social

3.  Community

4.  Financial

5.  Physical

6.  Spiritual

7.  Family

8.  Mental

This exercise should be repeated at least quarterly to once again get this mental snapshot of which areas you may be neglecting and why you may be having trouble gaining momentum.

In this section we looked at your life overall. Next, we will begin to review what happened in your business this past year.

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