Halftime Report: What Changes to You Need to Make to Hit Your Goals?

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Business Planning, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Halftime Goals

Are you on track to hit your goals for 2016?

Today marks an important day in 2016 – Halftime!

Six months have gone by since you created your 2016 plan and set your 2016 goals. As important as it is setting goals, it is equally important to measure your progress to those targets, adjust if needed, and reset for the last half of 2016.

Without judgment or excuse, let’s take a look at how you score for the first half of the year.


  • What were your goals for 2016 that you set back at the beginning of the year?
  • Where should you be right now at the halfway point?
  • Are you on track to hit those goals?
  • What have you done well in the first six months of 2016?
  • What do you want to make sure you continue?
  • In what areas do you see room for improvement as the year continues?
  • What have you decided is not longer a priority for 2016? And why?
  • Do you need to adjust or modify your goals for 2016 at all?
  • What needs to be done to hit those intentions?
  • What are your 90 Day goals?
  • What are your July goals?
  • How will you measure and stay accountable to your goals?
  • How is your work/life balance right now?
  • Do you need to make changes in your calendar to allow for more family, spouse, or ME time?
  • What to you have to learn in order to accomplish your goals?
  • What do you have to stop doing?


I encourage you to spend some time journaling on these questions. When you take the time to do that, I bet you will notice some common themes in your answers about how you need to modify your plan for the rest of the year.

Maybe you need to talk to more prospects.
Perhaps you need to work on your scripts.
You may need a new website.
Or maybe you need a coach to help keep you accountable doing what you need to do to have the business and life you want.
What ever it is for you, get clear on where you are right now, where you want to go in the next 6 months, and create your plan to get there. Break down you plan to 90 Day Plans and 30 day plans with goals at each stage of the way.
Consequently, I want you to enjoy your Holiday Weekend. Spend time with family and friends, BBQing and watching fireworks.
Then, come back next week, with a new set of focused goals and a revised plan, ready to go for it the second half of 2106.
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