First Quarter Is Almost Over – Did You Hit Your Goals?

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Goals are funny things. They don’t work unless you do.


Your achievements for the first quarter of 2018 set the tone on how your business will perform for the remaining three quarters.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you were able to keep up with your goals. Set a higher bar for the next hurdle and push yourself to accomplish more.

At this point, you have already built your momentum. Don’t let it falter and continue your best practices and identify your areas of improvement.

But, if you didn’t hit the mark, what would you say contributed for your expectations to fall short?

If you are reading this, I bet you’re looking for a better strategy to revamp your business. You know what is possible; you see other small business owners who seem to have it all: financial success, purpose, balance, and freedom to enjoy it.

Running a business is different from a sales career. But, sales is definitely part of it.

Eric’s Elite Sales Success System

will help you master the ART and SCIENCE of Selling

You will find yourself talking to your clients with ease about their needs and offering them solutions to their problems and never feel as if you are “being a salesy”.

Create the business and life you want by helping others

Inner Game

Much of your success or failure around sales has to do with mindset. Learn how to recognize and manage your fears around selling and be able to get yourself back on track quickly.

Increase Sales

Get the resources and systems you need to become the top producer you know you can be whether you are a small business owner, a real estate professional or a salesperson selling a product or service.

Love Life

Create a life where you are making the money you want so you can have financial freedom and also gain the time freedom you need to enjoy the lifestyle you are creating.


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