Is showing gratitude really out of the ordinary or just a plain customary response?
A sense of gratitude is evident when people smile and are thankful despite bad situations. A positive approach to life comes from appreciating everything you have instead of focusing on what is lacking. These past years may have proven that we are equal in fighting everyday life battles and moving our ways.
The only difference is the armor we are wearing: Being Thankful!
There are many simple ways to help you practice being thankful and radiate positive energy to strengthen relationships and communication.
In today’s article, we will share a few tips on how to boost mindfulness and personal development.

Consistency Makes The Attitude Permanent

Be persistent in doing the right thing to be proficient in it. Observe how you utter the word ‘thanks’ as a habitual response. Then, try to dig a little deeper inside of you before saying ‘thank you’ on the next interaction. Notice the difference?
A grateful person brings positive energy to the people around him or her. 
The following tips below will help you enjoy the benefits of being thankful in your professional and personal life.

  • Say Grateful Prayer

Acknowledging all we have, all we are, and all we can achieve is because of faith and of God. Make it a habit to be thankful every day.

  • Create a Thankful Mantra

Have your own verbal formula ‘Being Thankful Mantra’ that you can recite every day and be grateful for the abundant life. Consistently doing so etched the formula to your mind, actions and became a habit.

  • Write it down

Keeping a ‘Gratitude Journal’ is one of the most effective ways of reminding oneself about the gift you received and whom you received it from. Write down at least three to five kindnesses you have shared on the day. Later on, you’ll be surprised to find a way through the good gifts of life.

  • E-post your Appreciation

Flex your 1 to 2 #thankful and share it on your social media accounts every day. This way, you are spreading positivity to netizens. This also allows the creative Gen-Z gratitude list that uplifts you when your spirit is down.

  • Wear Gratitude Aura All the Time

Look at the person directly, be humble to shake hands, tap the shoulder or pat the person’s back, then say thank you with a smile. Optimistic gestures give you an aura of gratitude that beans to your whole body. Isn’t it amazing that our sense travels are a reason to be thankful for?
Thankful emotions can strengthen relationships. So, never delay the opportunity to share it with your colleagues, friends, and family. Thankfulness becomes a contagious attitude you spread in your workplace and home.

Understanding of Abundance and Scarcity

The irony of abundance and scarcity makes you realize how important gratitude is. Without either one, you will never appreciate the meaning of ‘thank you.’ Losing and winning are just fertile grounds for gratefulness as they show clear contrasts in people’s minds. If you are thankful for what you have, there will be more to come. But if you focus on what you don’t have, it’s a never-ending scarcity for you.
Do not pity yourself just because you didn’t get things you dream of. There are other means and times will come when you know it is for you, then.

Keep A Healthy Relationship and Communication

It is normal to get tired or stressed at work and home. However, do not let this upset you or worse, lead to self-doubt.
An appreciative person is mindful of the people around him. The sensitivity and awareness make him notice more of the things that he is grateful for. Seeing the beauty in people and things lights up the relationship that connects you to another person.
Let yourself lower down stress, always practice being thankful, and keep it in high spirit. Practicing gratitude increases your happiness, improves communication, and values thankfulness. It will be easier for you to appreciate the small actions in the workplace and at home.

What Being Thankful Means To Me

Happiness and kindheartedness make us feel lighter and happier inside. If you practice being thankful:

  • You automatically become optimistic and enhance your positive emotions
  • It’s easier to attain your goals
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves relationships, communication, and better judgment.
  • Avoids anxiety, stress, and depression because thankfulness makes you happier.

‘Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.’ Melody Battie.

How We Can Help You Become Stronger and Focused

Is being thankful just a plain response? 
Not at all!
Practicing gratitude should help you to build stronger relationships, communication, and principles. 
We invite you to schedule a complimentary life coaching session with us to help you improve your personal development. 
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