Working as a Pregnant Mom

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

When you run your own business and you find yourself pregnant, you are definitely in a unique situation. On one hand you are probably able, to some degree, to create your own schedule. This makes it easier of course when you have to go to doctor appointments or ultrasounds. However, on the flip side, it’s very difficult to be a pregnant mom when you’re running your own business because it can be hard to let go and leave someone else in charge.
When you are running your own business, you often have the power to control when you work and for how much, delegating some of the work to employees. Delegation is difficult to adjust to, but it can also have incredible side effects in the long run.Proper and well-planned delegation can grow your business, enrich your life, and keep you on track for reaching your goals. You can use your employees to handle times when you are particularly tired, or in need of some extra rest. Doing this will prevent you from getting burned out, which inevitably affects your health, work, and family.
Giving employees extra responsibility reminds them of their importance to you and the company, adding an extra sense oftrust and affirmation that you believe they are doing a great job. This will enrich your company’s culture, and offer a positive working environment in which everyone is working as a team. Consequently, taking some of the pressure off of yourself, and forcing yourself to let go a little bit will give you more energy when spending precious time with your family.
Also, early in your pregnancy, you should decide how much time off from the business you are going to take. Some working moms go back to work right away, and others are able to take a few months off. What you decide will have to work best for your business and your family. But do not leave this decision until the very end, work with your employees and set up your business for your inevitable absence no matter how long it will be.
Even with a perfectly healthy pregnancy and flexible job, you need to be able to relax and take care of yourself. Be careful not to overdue it and get plenty of rest throughout the day, particularly at the end of the pregnancy.
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