Who’s Generation Is This Anyway?

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

It’s fairly obvious that a new generation has emerged. Watching your children sprint to the computer after school has become a daily occurrence. You’ve probably already learned to appreciate this ritual as a form of much needed exercise. Why are they so involved with computers? What happened to books made of paper? I understand that the computer world may seem like a foreign one, but I’m here to hold your hand and help you through this trying time of transitioning generations. Don’t worry; we’ll get through this together!
If you’re noticing this change with your children, you are most-likely experiencing a change in generations of clients as well. They don’t respond to mailings or newspapers, but they do respond to emails, websites, and Podcasts. What have you done to keep up with the changing generations? Let’s face it, you can’t prevent the generations from changing, so how are you going to stay afloat? This new generation is gaining control of the future and taking it to the next level.
In Daniel H. Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, he emphasizes the transfer of intellectual and capitalistic control to “right-brain thinkers.” Until recently, most studies have concluded with the belief that the left side of the brain controls most “human” processes such as intellectual thinking and reasoning which separate us from animals. However, now there are studies showing that the right side of the brain is equal if not stronger in power than the left side of the brain, but it just works in a different way. What does that have to do with our business strategies? Everything.
This new generation approaches business with a right-brained perspective. They are more attracted to visual effects, such as what they can see and appreciate, not just the numbers. Most likely, they will find you before you find them. They useGoogle.com, Craigslist.com, email, and other websitesregularly in order to find exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re not investing in the internet as a strong marketing tool, you’re not going to make it. Not only does a healthy website make your business look good, it will greatly increase your returns because rather than spending valuable time answering a lot of questions and sending mailings, prospective clients can and will see everything you have to offer on your site (If you have a good site). Then, they come to you as prepared clients who already have interest in what you have to offer. It’s as if all of these clients are handed to you on a silver platter the minute you create an easy-to-use, attractive website.
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