What is a Goal?

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

There is a lot of talk about setting goals in January.  What is a goal, really?  This is what the dictionary says:
Goal (Noun)
The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end
Every January, when you set resolutions, you truly intend to follow up on them.  It’s likely that among your goals, you have both personal and professional targets you’re aiming to accomplish throughout the year.
As a Business and Life Coach, this is also the time that many of my clients work hard to finish their Business Plans and set up their other business goals for the next twelve months.  You probably do the same, and these goals may include things such as:

  • Increasing sales.
  • Enhanced employee relations.
  • Better time management.
  • Advance a new marketing plan.

Sometimes, you set goals that you think will be really easy, when in reality, they’re not.  Maybe you only have ten pounds to lose, and you figure that will be simple.  Or perhaps you simply want to be home thirty minutes earlier each night – that should be a breeze, right?  These goals don’t seem hard, but it can be that lack of “bigness” that makes us underestimate the process.  This can be the difference in whether we actually achieve the results we want or not.
So what are your goals?  If you need help figuring that out, my Business and Life Planning guide might be helpful to you.  Are your goals too easy?  Or do they seem too hard?  What is one goal you have for yourself in 2008?  Let me know!