Want to Have More Listings?

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Business Planning, Goals, Network Marketing, Real Estate

Do you want more listings this year?
Are you looking to increase your sales?
The holidays are over, and the pre-spring market is open.
There is no better way to increase your listings than by taking advantage of expired listings.
While it is true that reaching out to expired listings can at times be difficult, they contain vast potential in increasing your sales.
The key is building a good working relationship.
Here are a few key things to help you turn expired leads into listings:

  • Define Your Targets

Build a targeted list in order to make an effective action plan.
One way of effectively looking for expired listings is Expired Real Estate Leads.com This platform provides accurate landline and cell phone numbers for new and past expired listings when available.

  • Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

It is noteworthy that a many of the phone numbers for expired listing are no longer working, so calling them may not yield results.
However, there are other useful options to following up expired leads, such as Cards for Real Estate. This is also a great way to continue to follow up with your leads, whether it be Expireds, FSBOs or buyer leads.
And once you get a hold of an Expired Listing, don’t let it go! Make every effort to cultivate that relationship between you and the seller.
Many sellers with Expired Listings are frustrated, not only because their property didn’t sell, but because the previous agent did not do as much as they should have done or said they would do.
Since many other agents will also be approaching them, you will want to make your best impression by being clear and concise with your intentions, and then continuing to follow up until you reach your goal… to get a listing appointment.
Don’t let these expired leads go down the drain.
Make the most of them and see your sales increase