Use Your “Zone of Genius” to be Unstoppable in Your Business and Life!

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Featured, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate

Are you living in your zone of genius?
Is your life and career balanced with one another?
In order to know whether you’re in your zone of genius, you need to first understand what the term means.
The “zone of genius”, created by Gay Hendricks, is often defined as the area where your interests, passions and skills come together to help find fulfilment, success and ‘your calling’ in your career.
When you’re “in the zone”, you become unstoppable, constantly performing above average. When you accomplish your work objectives, you feel fulfilled and energized, as if you can’t stop doing it.
You feel as if “you were born to do this”. When you perform your tasks, you feel satisfaction like no other.
And while you’re not the only one in your field that does that work, nobody can compare to the way you perform.

A Goal for 2021: Live in Your “Zone of Genius”

You may be asking, “but how do I find my zone of genius?”
It all starts with understanding where your innate talents lie. Most of us completely neglect doing this in favor of wanting to perfect the skills required to complete our daily tasks at work.
What we do not realize is, that the more we get to discover our inner abilities, the more it helps us find better ways to improve our work.
When people look at someone who is in their zone of genius, they might think they are just “talented” in that area. What they do not see is that “talent” is  a result of passion and commitment.
Let’s say you are working on the area of sales in your company. One of your primary tasks is to process the incoming leads and close them. Now, there are different ways of closing a deal, but the one that will work for you is the one that you’ll be most comfortable doing.
You’ll find your zone of purpose in this area by observing yourself in a social setting. When you talk to your co-workers, how do you speak to them? How do you enter into a conversation? What do you love to highlight in the conversation?
Carefully observing your day-to-day activities (not just work), and seeing yourself enjoying what you do is important in discovering your zone of genius.
Trying to figure this out on your own is going to take a lot of time, but why struggle doing it yourself
Let a business and life coach help you identify your inner strengths so you can turn them into assets for your career.
Schedule a sample coaching call with one of our coaches today and find your zone of genius so you can start living in it!