Trainers Wanted

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Grow to Greatness

Trainers WantedI became an Ri Trainer after being introduced to the impactful products of Ri Training, namely the PEProfile and the Residual Income Game. I was blown away by the depth of the assessment and the incredible power of the Residual Income Game right away and I knew I wanted to bring these tools to the people who needed them. Anyone who is in a direct selling or network marketing business need to check them out and becoming a trainer allowed me the opportunity to introduce these products to those seeking for a solution to the struggling businesses they were so often frustrated with.
I love being able to see the people I introduce these products to “get it!” Each person has their own “it” they need to “get” and the simulator and the profile both have a way of bringing out a person’s exact road blocks. Sometimes people who have been so frustrated for so long are finally able to move forward toward their goals because of working with these products. Being the person that gets to show them these tools that have this unique capability is so rewarding on so many levels.
I am also so impressed by the support, mentoring and coaching that I receive as a trainer for Ri Training. My own personal growth has skyrocketed in so many areas by plugging into the resources that are made so readily available to us as a trainer force. I feel supported and empowered to go out and make a difference in the lives of so many because of the training I have received and continue to get on an ongoing basis. If you love to help others become all they could be, if you love to train, coach or support others in their business and their lives, then Ri Training might just be the perfect fit for you.