Top 5 Hints for Real Estate Professionals?

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Real Estate Moms

The following article was in Rismedia this morning. I agree with all five points (especially number 5.) What do you think?
5 Secrets for Industry Success
RISMEDIA, Feb. 1, 2008-Many Realtors® often forget that they really have two jobs – the first is to do what they get paid for (and do it better than others they are competing against). The other is to manage their career path and do what is required to ensure their upward mobility isn’t dependent on others who may or may not be working in their best interest.
Below luxe real estate guru Robert Jenson, founder and CEO of The Jenson Group of RE/MAX CENTRAL – offers 5 tips to help aspiring real estate professionals better foster their career success:
1) Have a Plan
Create a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan for the whole year, starting now. Successful corporations have such plans, so why shouldn’t you? In this industry, the old adage rings all too true: “fail to plan, plan to fail.” Indeed, plan out your activities and strategies by days, weeks and months. Where will your leads come from? How will your service dazzle customers into referring you all their friends? Come up with a detailed plan, and go over it with your broker affiliate and others in the business.
2) Work the Plan
You can have a precise road map to a treasure chest, but with no gas in the tank, you’re not going to make it. Do you have an accountability partner – someone that you exchange goals and objectives with on a regular basis to help keep each other on track? This person might be another agent, your spouse, or a friend or family member – someone who will hold your feet to the fire if you fall short. This can be a fun way to help get you that extra bit of motivation.
3) Dress the Part
One’s “presence” plays a big part in one’s success – or lack thereof. In a nutshell, presence is a combination of how we look, how we carry ourselves and our communication skills. Carry yourself with best posture and wear attire that imparts your success – or that which you desire.
4) Role Play
Condition yourself on how to react – or not react – to stressful situations. Have someone role play with you in these dreaded scenarios so that you’re not at a loss for words, and that you choose the right words: “We want to cut your commission!,” “We’re interviewing other agents,” “The other agent said they’d give us some of their commission, ok?” Role playing scripts & dialogues on a regular basis will keep you calm, cool and collected when the heat is on.
5) Hire a Coach
Ready to take your career to the next level? The career coaching business is booming, and with good reason. Objective advice about how you conduct business, and how your business endeavors affect your “whole life balance,” can do wonders. Tactical advice will help you overcome hurdles that lie between you and the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Take your time and speak to other agents who have used various programs before you commit. It’s sure to be a great investment in your future.