The Importance of Setting a Goal

by | Feb 25, 2015 | Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

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If you’re like most people, every January 1st, you begin the year with a new set of resolutions.  Whether that goal is to lose weight, earn more money, stop smoking, exercise frequently, or even something as deceptively simple as calling your mother more often, the decision you made to make a change is essential.  You can’t succeed unless you start.
Half-Marathon – Setting My Goal
I will never ask you to take something on that I myself wouldn’t do, or haven’t already accomplished.  In 2004, a past coaching client of mine, Valerie, asked me to join Team Emily ( to run a half or a full marathon for charity.  Me – the person who, at that point, thought running had to more to do with dashing to the grocery store on my way home from a meeting – was being asked to run a half-marathon.  It’s okay to laugh!
I could only run (okay, jog) for maybe twenty minutes on the treadmill before working out.  My son Blake, a high school senior at the time and All-State Cross Country Runner, was the runner in my family.  I knew if I was going to agree, I would have to work hard.  After all, I had never run for more than a mile at a time, and even that took me a good half-hour to finish.  This would be 13.1 MILES!
Nervous about the commitment, I still decided to go ahead with it, thinking that it would help me get in shape.  I have to admit a small part of me thought that my past client Valerie would forget I’d even agreed, because the half-marathon itself wasn’t for another year.  But, a little voice inside my head fueled my excitement.  The excitement grew to the point where I imagined myself telling my colleagues, family, and friends that “I ran a half-marathon!”  Wouldn’t that be cool?!
So set that goal, and tell as many people as you can.  That is your first step!
What about you?  What resolutions did you set on January first?  What goals did you set for yourself?  For your business?  For your family?  For your life?  Think about those goals?  If they were worth setting, aren’t they worth telling someone about?  Tell someone, anyone about your new goals.  It will help it be more real.  You can even share it with me.  I would love to hold you accountable to your goal!  Just send me your comments.  I will post your goals here to inspire others and maybe even remind you of your own goal from time to time!
If I can run 13.1 miles, you can set and accomplish that goal of yours!  Make it a GREAT year!