The Importance of Aligning Your Career With Your Core Values

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core values, goals, careerDo you feel like you are achieving your goals?
Are you experiencing fulfillment in your career?
If you feel like there’s something still missing even though you may be doing good in your career right now, then you may need to evaluate whether your career is in line with your core values.
Why do personal core values matter when evaluating your career options? How do these life principles affect your decision-making?
Core values set the standard of your life choices and have a great influence on choosing your career path.
Whether you are a small business owner or a real estate agent, your core values impact your happiness, behavior, and career growth. Your core values affect not only your life’s direction but also your business goals and actions. It is important to adhere to these moral compasses because success and happiness will challenge who you are. To know more about how core values affect your career-making decisions, continue reading this post.

What Are Your Core Values?

Core values are developed around your life experiences, whether co-workers, TV, or social media. The consumption of content can also affect a person’s moral compass in every small way. However, your beliefs that personifies your core values accept the truth based on your perception of what is right or wrong. Your beliefs are subjective and based on your personal preferences.
Aligning your core values with your career goals expresses the accomplishments and purposes that you intend to reach. It triggers guiding principles that allow you to have positive experiences and the realization of success.
Do you wonder if your career aligns with your values?

Different Ways To Align Your Career With Your Core Values

Your career growth and core values will always come together. You must understand yourself and your principles to figure out where you are in different areas in life. This may also affect setting a plan for your goals and how to achieve those goals.
Your values give you a sense of purpose, benchmark, and responsibility to take charge of what career suits you best. A sense of discomfort and lack of connection could lead to insubordination, unhappiness, or dissatisfaction.  That’s why you need someone that you can seek assistance and guidance. To help you find your drive to move towards career growth and keep your focus on success, a coaching partner is indeed needed.
As you continue to align your career with your core values, here are the different ways to guide you in choosing your career path.

1. Create A List Of Your Core Values

Your chosen life principles reflect who you are. It is the foundation of your career vision, mission, and goals. Use this criterion to eliminate inconsistent core values that affect your life’s decisions. These are traits that set the bar for your career to have guidance, recognition, and be meaningful. Career-focused individuals sometimes follow this moral compass in search of happiness, fulfillment, and business growth.
Here are some personal core values that you, too, might have.

  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Respect

These personal values will be your ‘rock,’ ‘the force,’ or maybe your ‘rules’ of life that can help you evaluate your career goals.

2. Evaluate Your Career Goals With Your Core Values

The lists of personal core values should encourage you to identify or recognize your beliefs, behavior, and happiness. It leads the path to where you want to achieve your career goals. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, these set the plan and actions you should take to maximize business sales or career growth. It establishes the connection of your career to what defines you as a person. Identifying and recognizing that they all have an impact on your career choices may greatly increase your ability to find a work-life balance.
The different values stored within are wired to your personality, consciously and unconsciously. Whether it’s business or life, our values take a big part in every decision we engage ourselves in. To better represent ourselves, we also need to maximize our strengths without losing motivation. It also would be beneficial to have a coaching partner that will keep our core values aligned, and help keep relationships, work balance in check, and life more meaningful.
So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a complimentary coaching call and let the Pro Business and Life professional coaches help you find your inner core value strength!

3. The Essence of Your Values

It all brings together a perspective of the values in life as your progress to achieving your career goals. These values are carried and embedded as your priority when deciding who you engage with and participate in. As you evaluate your core values and pick which one suits your business development, it describes intrinsic and extrinsic values.
Intrinsic Values
These values motivate you to feel satisfied and fulfilled—expressing your creativity and social productivity. It is the intangible values declaring your happiness through awareness, responsibility, and development.
Extrinsic Values
These are related to rewards derived from your career and work environment. Providing influence and motivation to reach business goals, working as part of a team are considered important extrinsic moral values. It is tangible values.
Lifestyle Values
Lifestyle values are recognized as second-level values. They are what you do for your career and where you work. Your desire for a certain type of lifestyle helps create the big picture of what you value. Living in a big house, traveling extensively, cars, eating in fancy restaurants, or living a modest and simple life are a few examples of lifestyle values.

4. Determine Your Career Future with Your Core Values

As your career develops, so does strengthening your core values. Your career exploration will help you in realizing your principles and vice versa. Having a well-defined personal value determines the type of career you choose. Your values exist as a guiding light to analyze your career growth. Having a good understanding of yourself and the values you exude helps you learn from your current situation. It gives you a clear overview of what your future career may be.
Your life principles will help you determine your path toward the right direction, whether it’s your career or business. Working for a company or organization that doesn’t suit your values will only lead to frustrations, grievances, and regrets. If you’ve felt nothing but exhaustion and lack of focus for your career, then it is probably a mismatch.  Knowing and being firm with your core values will help you connect to a suitable career. Go back to your values and search for a career. It should help you grow personally and professionally.
“When your core values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier”, excerpts from Roy E. Disney of Walt Disney Company.

How We Can Help Align Your Career With Your Core Values

Pro Business and Life Coach will help you discover your much-awaited career growth and live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. With the assistance of our trusted professionals, we will continue to guide you.
We’ll help you keep focus and set up a program so you can clearly understand the importance of aligning your career with your core values. Your career growth and success will soon be your life’s highlight.
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