The Busy Life of a Real Estate Mom – How to Have Time for Dad Too! Five Steps to Get You Started

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

As a real estate mom, juggling goals between work and kids can be difficult on its own. Fitting in some all important time for dad can often seem overwhelming, and can easily get lost in the shuffle. With today’s hectic lifestyles of combining careers with family, it may seem impossible to pencil in those additional precious minutes necessary for dad. With some forethought, not only can it be done, but in doing so, you will strengthen the bonds that make up your family. Below, you will find five easy to plan steps to add dad to your schedule:
1. Get up early! Maybe the last thing you want to hear, but a couple of mornings per week try to carve out an extra thirty minutes to share breakfast with your honey. The house will be quiet for you and dad to share coffee and converse.
2. Combine errands! Meet dad at the grocery store to do the weekly shopping. Sound mundane to you? It doesn’t have to be – without the kids along, it can be a way to get a necessary job completed, and still spend time with dad.
3. Meet for Lunch! You know how to make lunch appointments – so schedule one with dad. It will almost feel like a date with no kids in tow. You can even attach a “no work, no kids” discussion rule over these lunches, if you want. It’s personal, so keep it that way!
4. Plan a Date Night! Whether once a week, once every two weeks, or even once a month – plan one night that is for you and dad to go out. It can be for a movie, for dinner, or even an outside evening picnic. Once you make the dates, don’t break them!
5. Plan Stay at Home Dates! Once a week, plan a night for you and dad at home. Cook dinner together, rent a movie, curl up on the couch, play a game – whatever you want! You can start the evening with family time to include the kids, but once they’re in bed, spend the remainder of the evening with each other.
The End Result
As a real estate mom, you completely understand how important communication is within your business. Don’t forget it is as important in your personal relationships. Keeping the channels of communication open with dad is one of the first, and possibly most vital, steps in assuring the backbone of your family remains strong.
Yes, focusing on your business is necessary to the growth of your career, but you don’t need to take anything away from that to also focus on your family, including dad. Making the effort to find spaces of time to devote to this relationship will assist in keeping every part of your family strong. Also, don’t forget that these little moments will serve to recharge your own batteries, so you can keep forging ahead in your career.
Busy people, especially real-estate moms, often set their own personal needs aside to fulfill everyone else’s. This can only lead to energy burn-out. Finding the proper balance in all areas of your life – from yourself, to dad, to your kids, and to your business will result in the perfect blend of success.
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