coach cheri, marketing, cheri alguire, relationship marketingDo you struggle with your marketing plan? Marketing yourself, that is?
I have talked previously about creating your Life Balance/Business Wheel.
Today we are going to take that same overall process and break it down for your business.
You also have a wheel for your Business that includes Goal Setting, Sales, Profit Generation, Recruiting, Marketing, Technology, Support, and People.
Let’s dive a bit deeper into a section that many agents struggle with, Marketing.  

What does your Marketing Plan look like?

There are so many different places to market your business, what type of marketing gives you the best return on your investment?
The first part of your marketing plan should be identifying your niche customers.
Sometimes you choose your niche and it works out from the beginning.
Other times, your niche evolves as you and your business change and grow. Remember, mass appeal equals no appeal.  You can’t be everything to everyone.
Specialization gives people a reason to choose you.
Specialization builds perceived value and being a specialist is also easier because you know your clients you can create systems so you can be more effective.

Once you’ve identified your niche customers, your next goal is to build an effective List Building Plan.

Your plan will include ways to meet new people and nurture those relationships.
It is important to recognize what specific changes to your current plans are necessary to make in order to reach your goals.
It’s not enough to get your ideal customers’ attention; you need to give them a reason to want to keep on coming back to you.
With this said, small business owners, real estate agents, and network marketers often ask me what is the best marketing for their business.
I have found that the best return on investment is Relationship Marketing.
Relationship Marketing allows you to nurture past clients, current clients, and leads in an easy-to-manage and cost effective way that will help you get more repeat and referral business.

Want to know more on building your Marketing Plan using Relationship Marketing?

Coach Cheri Alguire has coached thousands of Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Managers, Small Business Owners and Network Marketing Professionals over the past 15 years.
She helps them examine their values, set goals, figure out where they are right now, and then create a PLAN to hit those goals.
This 15-part workbook and 3-one hour recorded calls will walk you through setting your goals and creating a detailed plan to reach those goals next year.
As an experienced entrepreneur with a background in real estate and owning small businesses, Cheri knows how frustrating it can be to keep working harder and harder and still fall short of your desired results.
Coaching gives business owners, real estate professionals and other entrepreneurs like you a whole new perspective on situations, problems and goals.
I coach and train people on all types of internet marketing.
These include websites, social media, pay-per-click and many off-line marketing strategies as well, one of the most effective being Relationship Marketing.
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