Should Real Estate Agents Bother to Send Holiday Cards?

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Yes, if you want more repeat and referral business next year. 
Many Real Estate Agents wonder if it is worth the time and expense to send Holiday Cards to their Past Clients and Sphere.
It absolutely is if you are following a few Relationship Marketing Guidelines and if you use a System that saves you time and money.
Relationship Marketing Guidelines for Holiday Cards:
1.Holiday Cards should be part of 5 “touches” your clients receive from you each year as a part of a larger Relationship Marketing Plan.
2. You can send a Christmas Card, Thanksgiving Card or New Years Card.  Make it personal by including photos of you and your team so that you stand out and that the card is personal and not “generic”. 
3. Don’t ask for referrals in your Holiday Card. This will turn a Relationship Marketing Card into a Direct Mail Marketing Piece and will hurt your efforts!
4. Do NOT include a business card, either. This will also hurt you more than help you.
5. Do brand the BACK of your card with your Real Estate information. This is the place to add personal branding, not on the inside!
6. Send your cards early so they sit up on your client’s mantle longer!
Use a Time and Money Saving System
I recommend using the system at
Here is why:
1. It allows you to easily upload all of your contacts from Top Producer or a spreadsheet and group your contacts as Past Clients or Sphere. Once they are loaded, you can easily send everyone on your list a card with a click of a mouse, and you can also send the other Relationship Marketing pieces to them throughout the year. After the contacts are in the system, they stay there, and it even keeps a history of every card you ever send them.
2. You can create a custom card from scratch, use one of the many templates, or choose a card from the card catalog. You can even browse cards created by other Real Estate Agents for ideas and a starting template.
3. Once you have created your card and you send that campaign card to everyone on your list, with a click of the mouse, they do the rest! They print the cards, stuff the envelopes, lick the envelopes, add the stamps, and take them to the post office for you! What kind of time saving would THAT mean to you at this time of the year? 
4. You can create and schedule your cards NOW to be delivered in December. December always seems to get so busy with other commitments, why not handle this project today!?!
5. You can send your cards through this system for as little as $0.93 each plus postage. What kind of ROI could you get from one past client who used you to sell their house next year? 
6. You can even include GIFTS if you want to for some of the recipients. You can choose from a wide selection of gifts with something for everyone. You could pick a gift card, gourmet food, things for their new home, or something special specific for your client. And all of your gift giving can be shopped for and sent with you not having to leave your home or office.
I think you will love this system so much for your business that you may even use it in your personal life, as well. Either way now is the time. Reach out in kindness to those who have supported you in the past. It not only will help you build your business, it will increase the quality of all your relationships.
Coach Cheri Alguire has been helping Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Managers take their business and their lives to the net level of success for over 15 years. To find out how you can access a system to easily send holiday cards and gifts go to