See What Our Customers Think of SendOutCards

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Grow to Greatness

SendOutCards Thank you for the referralSee what customers think of SendOutCards and how they used it to build their real estate business.
“I am a Realtor and I use both. Bulk cards are OK for targeting large areas that you do not have a personal relationship with like a ‘farm’ area or if you buy a list. I use SOC postcards when I send out a yearly holiday campaign (Easter, 4th July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc). But BY FAR the best results come from sending greeting cards to people that know me…friends, family, clients. Either individually or in a campaign with my handwriting and signature.
Also bulk mail does not give you address corrections whereas 1st class mail does so you can keep your database up to date by sending SendOutCards. I send a personal card before I meet with a client, one after to say thank you, one when they list their home or hire me, one when they buy or sell their home, several set up in a campaign over 3 years so my name is kept in front of them.. And I always send birthday cards and an ‘anniversary’ card on the date of their purchase.
I can track at least $200,000 in commission directly to using SOC.”
-John O.
“2017 has been my first full year selling real estate. Year-to-date 12 closed transactions. I’m shooting for 15 my first year and 25 next year using SendOutCards. I owe my success to using this system.”
– Bryan P.
“I sent my first card June 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008 approximately 555 days I sent 2783 cards. That averages 5 cards a day. Our business when I started using SendOutCards was around 35% referral. During a downturn in the market our business moved from 35% to 100% by 2011. We opened our own brokerage in 2012 and have closed 50+ homes per year by referral since.”
– Gayle Z.
SendOutCards works and has changed lives. Feel free to use this as your vehicle towards financial freedom and get paid by being nice to people. Stay on top of your prospects list by reminding them with simple but warm gesture, greeting cards.
If you need assistance setting up your SendOutCards Account, I’m here to help.