Always have Time for What is Most Important… Schedule the BIG ROCKS First!

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Business Planning, Featured, Goals, Time Management

self-care, coaching, professional coaching, coach Cheri AlguireIf you are a coaching client of mine, you have probably heard me talk about “Scheduling your Big Rocks first.”  
What this refers to is scheduling the important things, time with family, vacations and self-care, FIRST, not last.
We all only have 24 hours in a day.  Think of this as a mason jar. 24 hours is all you have.
During those 24 hours you will have things you have to do for work.  Some of these things are more important than others. Think of these things as water and sand.  
You will also have things to do for your household, think of these as pebbles or small rocks.  
Then you have things like self-care and things for the family.
If you fill up your mason jar, putting in the Big Rocks (family and self-care) first, you can them fit in the small rocks, then the pebbles.
The sand and finally the water can then be added as it will fill in around the larger rocks and pebbles.  
If you fill your mason jar (your 24 hour day) using this method, you are able to get it all in. 
However, if you day (mason jar) gets filled in the opposite way: water first, then the sand, and the pebbles…it seems you can never get the Big Rocks to fit.  
How many times have you felt you didn’t have enough time in your day for things like self-care and even your family?
That is why it is so important to schedule the Big Rocks first.  Work will fill in all the extra spaces, but not take over time that needs to be spent on the things that are really the most important.  

How about you? Are you scheduling the Big Rocks first?

Are you making enough time for the important things in your life?
Or are you overwhelmed with the amount of things to do that you’ve forgotten what really matters most to you?
Success in your business and personal life hangs on you determining which areas of your life and career you are going to value, and therefore choose to give priority in terms of schedule.
There is a huge difference between thinking about what’s important to you and actually making time for it.
This may seem challenging, but with proper business coaching, you can start scheduling the most important areas first.
This is because a professional business coach can help you see which things you need to prioritize, thus enabling you to focus your time and effort on what really matters.
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