Reviewing: A Necessary Evil

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Grow to Greatness

Let’s face it, we all dread the end of the year. Not only does it mean that we have holidays quickly approaching, but we also have to do our yearly business reviews and prepare our business plans for the next year. Many of us try to avoid reviewing our business’s progress for the past year by trying to begin business planning and goal setting immediately. What you will find by doing this is that your business plans and goals will either a) be unrealistic or b) be too small. If you spend the time and commit to really analyzing and reviewing your year’s business goals, budget, and growth, then you can make realistic goals and actually see those goals achieved throughout next year.
Still seem overwhelming? I’ll walk you through the process of reviewing, step-by-step.
Why are you in the business that you’re in? Have you forgotten why you started your business? Re-evaluate what your purpose is and remember the roots of your business. You might need to do this to refresh your business outlook.
Take a look at your goals from last year and really analyze them. How close did you come to reaching your goals? Did you surpass them? Did you come short? Then, make new goals for yourself and for your business. Using your analysis of what happened last year with your goals, make clear and smart goals that are well thought-out and realistic enough for you to reach them.
Action Plan
You can’t just create goals and leave them as is. You have to take action toward those goals through a variety of different steps. Start by defining your niche, then create a lead generation plan that will bring clients to your company. Figure out what you need in your company and plan to make it a reality. From the amount of employees and types of team members to your computers and software, chart out everything you need to achieve your goals next year. Analyze your budget. We all hate it, but we have to. It is extremely important to analyze your company’s spending last year and figure out what you can do this year to grow your business and increase your profits.
Project List
Make a Master Project List. I live for these and have them in every part of my life, from planning my business to planning my week to planning dinner. Cut your action plans down into fractions and make it easier to take steps toward your goals.
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