Residual Bills Need Residual Income!

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Grow to Greatness

Do you have residual bills? Why not create a stream of residual income to pay those bills?


Residual income, or passive income, as others call it, serves as another source of earnings for someone even when they sleep or are not actively participating in a particular job or business.


This includes money earned as interest from bank deposits, and other sources, such as royalties from books, songs, or rentals from real estate.


Let’s say you deposited $24,000 at 5% interest to your bank account. Your expected passive income would be at $100 a month.

Have more than $100 in bills, increase the amount you have in the bank. Let’s say you want a minimum of $3,000 per month. You would need to have $720,000 in your bank account! And that is at 5% if you can get it. Can only get 2.5% interest? Double what you need to have in the bank.


Luckily, I have found a better way.


What if there was a way to earn residual income without having to put that large sum of money in the bank?  


There is! It is something I stumbled upon a dozen years ago. Today, I am still receiving residual income payments from work I did once. Now, I still focus on increasing this amount I receive each month with minimal part-time effort and focus.


Maybe you want to make enough money to make your car payment, house payment or even to pay all of your bills.


Maybe you are looking to replace your current income or make what I like to call FREEDOM INCOME!


All of this is possible!


If you want to explore this more, please set up a time to chat with me on my calendar


Here is to your freedom income!