Reasons to Run a Half Marathon

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

Have you ever said “Wow!” to someone you heard was training for a marathon? A marathon is an amazing feat, but anyone who sets their mind to it and puts in the training can do it. Imagine what discipline, dedication and hard work can do in your life. Whether it is training for a marathon, your career, being the best parent ever, or just picking up a new hobby, you can do anything you set your mind to. After running numerous half marathons and embarking on a full marathon, this is what I have found to be my 13 Reasons to Run 13 Miles:
1) Prove it to your self – If you can prove to yourself that you can run a half marathon, imagine what else you can prove to yourself you can do. This is great for personal development and self confidence. There is nothing better than setting a goal and reaching it.
2) Improve your health – Not only will you loose weight when running a half marathon, but you will be conscious of making good food choices, drinking water, stretching, getting enough sleep, and just taking care of yourself as you should. The exercise itself will give you huge cardiovascular gains that will help your heart, blood pressure, muscle strength, endurance, and energy level.
3) Spend time outdoors – There is nothing better than getting some fresh air. When training for a half marathon, you have to get outside for a minimum of four days a week. Also, the serotonin from the sunlight will increase mood and decrease appetite, not to mention the benefits from Vitamin D.
4) Socialize – Join a training program so you have the support of a group. This will make it fun. Tell some friends to join you. This will give you lots of time to catch up. The support and camaraderie of a team is a great way to encourage and motivate you to challenge yourself to new levels.
5) Reduce stress – Any type of exercise has been proven to reduce stress. Running is the ideal exercise for stress reduction because you don’t have to think while you run. You can let your mind wander wherever you want it to go. You don’t have to think about what exercise is next, how many reps, etc. You can just take in the fresh air and the beauty of nature while you run.
6) Set the example – With obesity becoming a growing concern for the nation, it is time that we stand up and take charge. Set the example for your family, friends, and children. There is no better gift that you can give those you love. You can’t be the parent, spouse, child, or friend you want to be unless you take care of yourself first.
7) It is flexible – Running is the most flexible form of exercise. You can do it any time, anywhere, with anyone. All you need is a comfy pair of shoes. It is also an efficient way to get a good workout.
8) It is inexpensive – Besides a pair of shorts, shoes, and some water…running is one of the cheapest sports around. I can’t think of anything less expensive and more convenient.
9) Bone density – Every step that you pound the pavement…you are releasing calcium for your bones to absorb. If you want your bones to be strong, running is a great way to have high bone density. Also the Vitamin D from running outside helps your body to absorb calcium more easily.
10) Endorphins – If you like the jolt from a cup of coffee, just wait until you get a runners high. Once you feel the runners high, you will just want to keep going. Nothing will stop you. You will just keep running….and running….and running.
11) Fight off the biggies – Running is a great way to minimize your risk for the biggies – heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc. Running strengthens your heart, helps transport oxygen more easily throughout the body, regulates blood sugar, takes off weight, and even fights depression. That is just to name a few of the benefits.
12) Sleep better – If you are getting fresh air and exercise, you are sure to get better zzzzzzzzz’s at night. If you sleep better then you feel better and think clearer. There is nothing like waking up from a nights sleep and feeling refreshed.
13) The awards – Your own personal sense of accomplishment is great, but so is getting the pictures, the medals, the certificate, and the t-shirt to remember your experience. There is nothing better than a little recognition for all of your hard work.
What would be your next step to running a half marathon? Look into some training programs. For your first half marathon, it is important to have the proper training so that you stay injury free. The Disney Half Marathon is right around the corner, and what could be better than running at the happiest place on earth? In my Disney Half Marathon program, each person will have a personalized program to fit his or her needs. To get involved and start your next steps toward your marathon dreams, contact me at
Megan Bailey of Healthy Figures