Real Estate Moms: Create Wealth Your Own Way

by | Mar 8, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

I wanted to share an excerpt from an article I read recently. This really resonated with me because it’s what I coach my Real Estate Moms to believe. Women in Real Estate don’t have to behave like men to be financially successful. We need to leverage the strengths we have, as women (receptivity, creativity and intuition to name a few), and we too can have the success and wealth we deserve.

Women in business once believed that to be financially successful, they would have to look and behave like men. Women who tried this approach quickly found that their unique talents as women were stifled. They realized that they weren’t bringing their authentic selves to their work. Creativity and passion were lost to “trying to fit in” and the success they sought eluded them.

Millionaire women have discovered that there is a uniquely feminine approach to power and success. They have learned the art of being receptive to others and are especially adept at building relationships. They use their creativity to create win-win situations relying on their intuition to manifest opportunities. Instead of pushing, they pull. Instead of using war tactics and combat language, they attract the results they desire for themselves and their clients. Instead of denying their unique talents and suppressing their skills as women, they leverage them as strengths, owning the power, success and wealth they deserve.

Oprah Winfrey won the hearts of millions by using her unique flair and style to create a deep connection with her viewers. Her success is based on her ability to focus on the emotional and spiritual side of things, and to create an open environment where nurturing, integrity and trust are fostered. She has used her feminine qualities to her advantage rather than trying to imitate other TV personalities.

What are your unique talents or strengths? Like Oprah, discover how you, too, can leverage feminine qualities, such as receptivity, creativity and intuition to create wealth and success your own way. Millionaire women have learned that when you are authentic and true to yourself, both happiness and success will be yours.

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