Plan To Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet!

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Business Planning, Featured, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Time Management

Between the pandemic and shutdowns, you may be feeling a little behind on your goals.
You wanted 2020 to be a year like no other…but what did that entail? Time to get specific!
Learn what you can from 2020 and use it as fuel to build momentum this year. You can start planning now to make it an amazing year.
The best part is – you don’t have to do it alone. With the help of a business and life coach, your 2021 comeback will be easier than you think.
Coach Cheri and her Business Planning Guide for Small Business Owners will help you do just that, plan a comeback!
So many small business owners say their goal is to do “as much as they can.” When asked what that means in terms of Production Volume, Gross Closed Sales, Net Sales or Profit, they are unsure.
And when I ask them to dream ahead of how they want their life to be in five years, many owners look downright distressed. I’m asked, “How could I possibly look so far into an unknown future? Who could make a plan not knowing what is going to happen?”
Well, whether you realize it or not, the next five years will be a blur…. and when you get there you will either be asking yourself where the time went and bemoaning that you just didn’t have the time to accomplish anything or…
You can smile into the mirror with the realization that you took the time to plan out where you wanted to be and, not only arrived but far surpassed even your most outrageous and what seemed unreachable goals!
This 17-part Business Planning Guide will walk you through setting all of your business and life goals and creating a detailed plan to reach those goals.
It all has to do with the time-tested concept of Business Planning.
Business planning involves building a roadmap of how your business would successfully run through this step-by-step process:

  1. Identifying the WHY of your business
  2. Setting goals not just for your business, but also for your life in general
  3. Creating an action plan to achieve your goals
  4. Applying the action plan so you can get from planning to making your goals a reality.

Identifying the WHY
This includes taking a step back to understand why you’re starting the business in the first place. What is your purpose? What are your core values? These two things are important because they will be your foundation when it comes to setting your goals and making plans to reach them.
Goal-Setting: A Balance Between Life and Business
When setting up your business goals, you’re not just doing it for your business – ultimately, your goal is to live a happy and fulfilled life. And so, you need to balance your business goals with your personal goals.
Your business will only be as productive as you are; you will want to make sure you stay healthy and active so you can think clearly and act upon your plans for your business.
Building an Action Plan
Once you have your goals set, your next step will be to build your action plan to fulfill those goals. This is what will get you from imagination to manifesting your goals. You need to build bold, but at the same time realistic plans to achieve those goals you set for yourself and your business.
The power of planning is incredible. It all starts with a far-out unattainable dream. Then simply add in the baby steps it will take along the way and you’re almost there.
Applying the Action Plan: Getting from here to there
You’ve brought your imagination to task in creating a goal to reach, and you’ve formulated the plans on how you can get there. The final step in the process is actualizing those plans.
Having a plan isn’t enough – you need to take action or else nothing will happen. Sure, you’ll encounter difficulties along the way, but you can use the roadblocks and turn them into stepping stones to get you closer to your goal.
Achieving your personal and business goals isn’t going to be easy, but the path to get there is simple and straightforward.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to get there alone. You’ll need someone to hold your hand and help guide you through the road to achieving your goals.
Coach Cheri’s unique approach to coaching makes her stand out from the crowd and will make you stand out as well.
If you are overwhelmed by all the different planning methods, Cheri will help you rework your strategies. She will help you plan the path to success, to get where you want to be that you never thought were possible with business planning that is PROVEN successful.
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