Partners In Power, Who Can Be Your Robin?

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

It’s not easy to run a successful Real Estate Business, raise well-rounded children, and stay sane if you’re doing it all on your own. We all know how overwhelming the Real Estate Industry can be; sometimes it feels like we even have to coddle our clients. Who helps you pick up the slack? Who is there to listen to you vent and stop you from tearing your hair out? A “partner in power,” doesn’t have to be a husband, it can also be a friend, a business and life coach, or a group of people in the same industry or plight as you. Sometimes, you’ll find your Robin in places where you would never expect it.
When searching for the perfect sidekick, look for someone who will…
…be a Positive Influence on your life. Stay away from people who highlight the negative things in your life. When you vent about something, he/she should help you look at the bright side or help you resolve your situation. You want a support system in which you can bring your problems to your partner and solve them without judgment, fear, or regret.
…answer your cry for help. Find someone who will actually return your call or email when you need him/her. You need someone that you can rely on for anything. However, you also have to be ready to do the same for your partner. This is a two-way system in which both of you are there whenever you need help.
…watch your back. The kids are sick, you’re a single mom, and you have 6 meetings today. What do you do? Call your Robin for help to watch the kids for a bit or take them to the doctor for you. On a day like this, anything will help.
Places to find your Partner:
Significant Other/Husband: Many times your partner is right there, even though it may not seem apparent at all times. If both of you are working nonstop and seem to be missing each other every morning, write notes of affection to each other to remind both of you that you’re there for each other. Make “appointments” for daily check-ups between the two of you so that you don’t lose sight of what’s going on in your lives. Have weekly “dates” in which you can take a break from the kids and work. Even if it means watching a rented movie for a couple of hours with the kids in their room or at a friend’s house, this few hours can reconnect and refuel both of you.
A friend from daycare or school: There are lots of moms just like you; you just have to find them. Take a couple of minutes out of your day to meet your child’s friends’ parents. They have kids too, so they understand if you need help watching them or picking them up from school. They are just as excited as you to find a partner who can pick up the slack every so often.
Online Groups: and are great forums to find people in the same industry as you, with the same concerns as you, with the same hobbies as you, with the same age kids as you, or in the same location as you. Although they might not be able to pick up your kids for you, it helps to know that there are thousands of people doing the same thing as you everyday, with the same questions and concerns about working and parenting as you.
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