Organize Your Future

by | Oct 26, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

The New Year:
The Holidays have passed us like lightning, it still feels like 2006, now what do we do with 2007 ahead of us? It may seem overwhelming, but the best thing to do when the future seems out of reach is to organize. As I mention in my Business Planning Guide, breaking things down into simple steps can put your most far-fetched goals right around the corner. This isn’t only a system for business; it can be a way of life if you use it the right way.
A good way to begin organization is to prioritize. We need to juggle not only our own priorities, but those of our children, co-workers, and partners. How do we balance all of these different priorities? Organize your priorities by figuring out what you need to finish now, in an hour, by tonight, by tomorrow, and so on. Then, communicate with your child or assistants and make sure they understand that you have placed their needs on your “to-do” list and give them a deadline by which you plan on fulfilling their needs. This will prevent miscommunication, incessant “nagging” from them as they constantly ask you if you’ve finished what they need, and altogether, a less stressed environment at work, home and in your brain. Working with your child on priorities is also an excellent tool in preventing future habits of procrastination with schoolwork and projects.
Family Schedules:
Another good way to organize your life after the holidays is to make dinner schedules with your family. Organize a menu for the week, asking them what they like and what they dislike. This will give your children a chance to voice their opinions and to also understand the importance of organization. If your children are old enough, ask them to help you make their favorite meal, making family dinners cooperative and exciting for your children. Create a Family Recipe Folder with recipes that you have found to be successful at the dinner table. Not only will it be useful in creating menus for the week, but it will also be a family memoir that the children may use when they grow up and have families of their own to prepare for.
Organization doesn’t have to be a chore unless you make it one. By organizing your priorities and meal plans, the New Year is no longer as overwhelming as it seemed, is it?
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