One Method for One Million Customers

by | Nov 23, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

You’re in a business network, you go to meet and greets, you’re a part of the local chamber of commerce, but are you maximizing all of these networking possibilities to your full potential? If you’re like me, follow up is one of the hardest things to get going, but it can bear the most fruitful results. You’ve already planted the seeds by meeting prospective clients and customers, but now you have to water, fertilize, and prune them. You can’t just plant the seed and walk away, expecting an orange grove to flourish all of a sudden. The process is the most important part of growing your business; here’s how to start and maintain healthy and profitable relationships with all of your prospects and existing customers.
One Day: Follow up with new contacts within one day of meeting them. Send them an email just to let them know it was a pleasure to meet them, or send them a card As an active networker like your new contact, everyone forgets names once in a while because you’re meeting so many people. Make sure you’re on their radar immediately, so they can’t put you in their cranial storage space (i.e. the black hole of forgotten contacts we all have in our minds somewhere).
One Hour: If a contact emails or calls you, reply to them within one hour of their contact. Try to stick with the same form of communication by which they contacted you: if they called, they might not have access to their email, so rather than having them check your reply that night or the next day, make sure they know that they’re important to you immediately.
One Month: Make sure that you keep in contact with your clients at least once a month. Just because they’ve already paid you doesn’t mean they’re happy with your relationship. Tune into their needs and let them know that you care by sending a card to them, or an email with a link with information they might be interested in. Newsletters are also an incredible way of keeping your clients up-to-date with newsworthy information about your business and products that you have available. Professional Paycart Solutions offers an easy way to send newsletters to your clients and prospects alike.
One Reason: Have a reason to call prospects. Don’t call them to chat about the weather, and don’t call them to ask if they’re ready to buy something. Call them to tell them about a market update, and then you can see if they’re ready to do business. No one wants a hard sell with constant bantering and pressure.
One Perk: If you have just signed a deal with a client, send them something to let them know how glad you are that they’re doing business with you. You can send a Gift Certificate for Starbucks through, or you can send them a Gift Certificate for through the website. Sometimes doing this out of the blue can also touch a client’s heart and wallet because it lets them know that they’re always on your mind.
One Survey: Send out 1 survey a year (at least) in order to get feedback on how your relationship is with your clients. is a great place to create free surveys for your clients. Make sure that you have a section at the end in which they can write their own testimonials. This helps you tune into how your business is doing and what it can improve on, but it also lets your customers know that you care about their input.
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