No-Work Zones for the Working Mom

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

When you’re a working mom, particularly when you have your own business it can be difficult to draw the line between working and family. In fact, most of the time, that line can be down right fuzzy! The key is creating No-Work Zones in your house. This is especially important when you have a home office because work can begin to creep out and interfere with family.
Having No-Work Zones is essential, and it is very easy to do. Simply designate spaces in your home that are completely off limits to work. That means no talking about work with your spouse, no answering phone calls, no reading reports, or working on paper work, and no computer! When you are in the No-Work Zones, you are completely forbidden from working.
Some great places to have No-Work Zones for the working mom are in the family room where you can focus on your family as a whole, maybe watching a movie or playing a board game, the children’s bedrooms where reading together or playing with toys is much more appropriate than work and even the kitchen. Many small business owner moms have trouble keeping the kitchen as a No-Work Zone, but this room is truly one of the best rooms to come together as a family, and making it a No-Work Zone, or a limited work zone is very beneficial.
If you are used to working all over the house, it can be a bit of transition to institute these zones. However, with a little bit of effort and perseverance you will be able to strengthen the line separating family from work and everyone will benefit from the distinction.
While working from home and raising your children at the same time seemed like a good idea initially, you’ve found the reality of the two roles nearly impossible to manage. You may have even given up on the idea that you can do both well and, at this point, would settle for handling one or the other effectively. But what if you could be the best home office parent on the block? To help you live a life in business and in balance, this home office parenting how-to guide tackles those issues that no entrepreneur or telecommuter thoroughly confronts before diving in, and empowers you with the success strategies critical to restoring your sanity and your profit margin. The Home Office Parent: Raising Kids and Profits Under One Roof By Jennifer Kalita
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