Nice to Meet You Cards

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Relationship Marketing

Nice to Meet You CardsWith September now here, you may decide to join a networking group, like BNI, the Chamber or LeTip to meet new people and expose them to your business.
While many business owners are wondering how to immediately turn it to new business, they are missing the power in building the relationship first, and allowing business to naturally occur.
Possibly the BEST networking advice I can give you is to send a Nice to Meet You card. Not an email or LinkedIn connection that will be forgotten about 1.2 seconds after reading, but a real physical greeting card, connecting with that person and building the relationship.
The back of that card, not the INSIDE of the card, should be branded with your company information and even your photo so they remember who you are, but the front and inside of the greeting card should be about them, commenting on something you learned about them and strengthening the relationship.
Business is built on relationships, on you who you KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Sending a greeting card is a great start.
If the person you met is someone you really want to remember you, send them brownies! That will help you stand out from the crowd they met at any event.
SendOutCards is the perfect way to send a card quickly that is person and branded for you.
If you have not used your account in a while and would like a refresher, reply to this email or schedule a time on my calendar.
Sending Cards is easy, cost effective and works!
Happy Networking and Happy Sending!