New Book Offers Marketing and Branding ‘How To’ Local Author Cheri Alguire Weighs in on Timeless Topic

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Orange County, CA – Business owners struggling with marketing and branding have a new reference tool for their efforts in a Guide book that discusses an internal approach to messaging. Local marketing and publicity specialist, Cheri Alguire, collaborated with eight other coaches to publish “A Guide to Getting it: Branding and Marketing Mastery,” available for $14.95 at her website.

Everything is marketing,” Cheri Alguire stated. “Entrepreneurs can build their brand faster as a result of the ideas, stories and tools from business coaches who’ve been there.” Cheri Alguire addresses Niche Marketing in her chapter, Mass Appeal Equals No Appeal: Discovering Your Niche Market.
“Building a business can be broken down to this one critical question: How am I going to attract clients to my business,” she said. Cheri has a business planning process she puts all of her clients through every year that takes an in depth look at how to choose and effectively market to your niche at
The theme of branding and marketing repeats throughout the book. Each expert maintains that in a world of marketing noise or hype, authenticity differentiates the businessperson’s signature message from clones and wannabes. A forward note from editor, Marilyn Schwader promises: “Apply the lessons here and you will build your business in an authentic, inspired way.” Branding and Marketing Mastery is the tenth in a series of Guide books edited by life and business coaches and published by Schwader. For more information,
Chapters and authors included in this book:

  • Creating a Visionary and Focused Marketing Strategy by Marilyn Schwader
  • Mass Appeal Equals No Appeal: Discovering Your Niche Market by Cheri Alguire
  • Attracting Baby Boomer Women to Your Business by Jane Lee Williams
  • Branding: The Soul of Your Business by Judy Winslow
  • Authentic Branding by Dawn Andrews
  • The Evolution of Loyalty: Five Steps to Branding by Mary Ellen Merrigan
  • The 7 Marketing Archetypes and How to Deal With Them by Dr. Miriam Reiss
  • Networking: The Insider’s Guide to Finding and Leveraging Your
Best Opportunities by Kim Lysik Di Santi
  • Quantum Marketing by Jille Bartolome

About Cheri Alguire: Cheri is a business and life coach who partners with Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Real Estate Professionals, including Realtors, Managers, Loan Officers, Buyer’s Agents and Real Estate Moms to provide products and services to take their business and life to a new level of success. “When I coach, I help people set and achieve goals far above what they imagined they could accomplish while, at the same time, living a life of balance and fulfillment,” Cheri says. “My focus is on helping them take their career and their life to the next level.”

 To date she’s achieved this for hundreds and hundreds of clients across the country—clients who place high value on her guidance and many who now have more clients, more income, and more balance in their business and their lives.