expired leads, expired listings, fsbo, real estateThe key to a successful real estate business is listings!
Listings not only create sign and ad calls, but attract more listings as well.
Does your listing inventory need a boost?
It is important to continue to do lead generating activities to continue to add to this pipeline. What is most effective?
Lead generation comes in two basic forms, Online and Offline. Some of these activities are free and others will involve fees ranging from minimal to substantial.
“Offline” lead generation include door knocking, direct mail and networking. As “old-fashioned” as some of these techniques may seem, they do work.  You could get more listing leads by door knocking in a farm area or by using a direct mail approach.
But what if you are looking for something a little more immediate? With less time spent nurturing a listing prospect?
One great way is to combine Online Lead Generation with prospecting Expired or FSBO Leads.
Online lead sites such as ExpiredRealEstateLeads.com and FSBORealEstateLeads.com will sell you leads based on the zip code you purchase, or will offer you and many other agents the same leads, making it crucial that you are the one that is following up the fastest and best.
These seller leads are so valuable because the home owners want to sell now! There may be issues with price or condition that need to be addressed, that is where you come in and help them get their property sold.
Using a site like FSBORealEstateLeads.com, makes your job as an agent so much easier and productive. Plus, tell them HoopJumper sent you and they will waive the set up charges.
Now is the time to invest in beefing up your listing inventory, and this is a perfect way to do it!