Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Where Is My Life Going?

by | Nov 23, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

Do you ever wish that you had a mirror like the one in Snow White? Maybe a mirror that could show you the future, not just who the fairest one of all is? Well it’s possible. If it seems too good to be true, it’s not. You can actually map out your life, and watch it unfold right before your eyes. Although you can’t just sit and wait for your million dollar check to arrive in the mail, and it does take a little bit of work, this kind of work will definitely pay off in the end.
Here are 7 ways to build your mirror:
1. Clean up all of the negative remarks and comments that people have made along your trek through life. Take all of those times people laughed at your dreams and throw them in the circular file (the garbage).
2. Remember what it was like when you were five years old and decided to be an astronaut, and how excited you were? Well, find what excites you now. It doesn’t have to be extraordinarily different from your current life; it can be knitting, flying planes, or even cooking. What puts that tiny spark in your eyes when you think about doing it?
3. Find someone to help you mount your mirror. In your current position, it’s possible that many people might not be supportive of your dreams. Whether its coworkers, children, or your spouse, it can be alarming for people to hear of a new dream that you might have been concealing for a long time. Whatever might drive them to prohibit you from dreaming, keep your dream-talk to someone else like a friend who believes in you, or a spouse who supports every step you take closer to your goal.
4. Visualize your goal. Actually visualize yourself living it. For instance, if you want to fly planes, visualize yourself walking on the runway, opening the door of the plane, sitting in the pilot seat, activating all of the controls, turning the radio on, revving the engine, and taking off down the runway. Do that everyday.
5. Map out your life and the dreams you have on a poster, or whatever you will see every day. If it’s your computer desktop, put the images, words, and numbers together which inspire you towards your goals and paste them together on a Word Doc or Adobe and set it to your desktop background. If you decide to use a poster, put it right in your bathroom or bedroom where you will see these images constantly. Be specific too, write how much money you want to make, paste a picture of the street you want to explore in Spain, write which month you want to finish that scarf you’ve always dreamed of knitting.
6. Break everything on your mirror into pieces. I call them my “Master Project Lists,” and I use them for everything under the sun, from dinner to my business plan. If you want to knit that scarf, what do you need? Do you need to sign up for class, buy materials (if so, what materials?), get a pattern? Write down every step you can possibly think of to reach each and every goal.
7. Follow through with these goals. Don’t just make a pretty collage of everything you want to do and leave it on the wall. All you have to do is remind yourself everyday of what you want from life, and how to achieve them. You will be amazed at how much you can really accomplish in a year, or even a few months.
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