Luck of the Irish?

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

March 17 is a day of Leprechauns, four leaf clovers, green beer and luck. Even if you are not Irish, it is a day to get caught up in the fun of it. Unfortunately, many Real Estate Moms rely on this thing called luck to help them achieve their goals.

In January I wrote an article called 13 Things I learned in 13.1 Miles
. (Click here to read it.) The response I received from that article was extraordinary. My friends and family were most impressed by the distance I ran, others were thankful for the analogies with three points really resonating with a lot of Real Estate Moms: the Importance of Visualizing, Becoming a Student of the Game and Finding Your Own “Dog Beach.”

I think the reason why these three kept coming up in responses to my article was that these three things are the keys to accomplishing anything in life. In order to reach a goal, any goal, I don’t care if it is running a marathon, making a six or seven figure income, having a wonderful relationship, or raising great kids, they all require going through the same process.

I know it seems that sometimes people just “get lucky.” It seems as if business just comes their way, they have a great family and lack of money never seems to be an issue for them. I coach Real Estate Moms everyday on breaking the cycle of relying on luck and implementing a system of creating their own destinies.

I know, that if my clients…

1. Set clear goals and are able to visualize them
2. Become a student of the game by acquiring knowledge and setting up a plan to reach those goals
3. Have accountability with the small steps needed to work the plan,

they will be able to accomplish far more than they ever imagined possible.

I believe it is important to plan and not to rely on a great life coming to you. Click here to get a Report called 14 Things to Creating a Business Plan You Can Use. If you would like more help in crating the life you want, you may want to look into my Five Year Business and Life Planning Guide. (link)

May you all have a fun day on March 17, eating corned beef on rye, toasting beer in an Irish Pub to the wonderful business and life you are creating for yourself! Cheers!

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