You are planning for the rest of 2021 – that’s great! Do you know that one critical factor in building effective plans is by looking at problem areas?
There’s a saying: Those who don’t look from where they came from won’t get to where they’re headed.
The good thing about planning for 2021 is that you have 2020 as a guide so you don’t have to start from scratch.
By looking at problem areas, you’ll not only skim the surface, but actually dive deeper into why you encountered those problems.
Let’s say there was a deal you failed to close last year. Why didn’t it work out?
Perhaps the presentation was not up to par? Why is that?
Was it because in the days leading up to that presentation, you allowed other things to take a priority? Or could it have been lack of sleep?
As you continue to analyze those problem areas, you’ll get to the root – and that’s what’s most important.
This is an exercise that should be repeated at least quarterly to review this mental snapshot of which areas you may be neglecting and why you may be having trouble gaining momentum.
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