Listing Inventory System is Critical to Your Success in Your Real Estate Business

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Once a real estate agent has a property listed “for sale,” it is vital to create and utilize the three components of the Inventory System. The service component focuses on feedback, communication and providing proof of your worth/value to the property owners. The pricing component categorizes your inventory as homes “priced to sell” and homes “priced to produce leads.” This may be helpful in determining which homes receive a greater number of resources (ads, open houses, mailings.) And the lead capture component highlights your exposure and response strategies (a new price, for example, may mean re-blogging, re-contacting all past inquiries, or running a special ad).
To maintain a healthy inventory it is paramount that a seller service system is implemented and consistently followed. Your system can be any combination of written, verbal or web-based activities. The information included in your service system should include any and all activities performed by you or your team related to the property. Also, include marketing and feedback specific to the home and general market updates, trends and summaries. Remember, it is important and easier to show your worth to the sellers who have agreed to pay you than to search for new sellers every three to six months that might want to pay you.

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