Keeping Your Work Routine During Summer Vacation

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

It can be a challenge for a Realtor mom to keep her business on track when the kids are chorusing, “I’m bored!” The best thing to do is bust boredom before it starts. Plan plenty of activities for your kids, and try to maintain a schedule. Day camp or weekly activity programs will give you a set weekly schedule so you’ll always know
when you can get to the office and set appointments. Try to find an activity that takes place at least once a week, so you can count on one day that you’ll be able to meet with clients or do floor time at the office.

Where Can I Find the Fun?

Good places to look for activities are with your neighborhood library, community theater, or local arts council. Summer programs for kids abound. Try to find something that will spark your kids’ interest, so that they look forward to going. A concert in the park, an ice cream social, or a movie showing at the library will provide you uninterrupted hours to work, but your children will love them, too!

What If We’re Stuck At Home?

Summer is supposed to be fun for kids, so it’s best to avoid over-scheduling. Plan plenty of time for the kids to relax and play. However, be prepared to help them with ideas to entertain themselves.

Keep a pad of paper at hand throughout the year and use it to record any activities that your kids express an interest in doing. They might not have time during the busy school year, but in the summer this “wish list” can be a lifesaving source of inspiration for bored children. Have them plan a community event such as a can drive or garage sale, and donate the proceeds to the charity that they choose. Help them make lemonade and turn them loose to be entrepreneurs. The key is to have a ready list of activities that will prevent them from being able to say, “I’m bored,” and instead, will allow them to have fun all summer – and allow you to get some serious work done.

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