If you have ever thought about writing a book, this is for you!

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A book will give you credibility.  A book will help you grow your business in ways you never imagined!  A book is the ultimate business card!

Writing a book can seem daunting.  What if there was an experienced author and publisher guiding you, step by step, breaking it down into bite sized chunks each week.  What if you could have your book written in two months, only dedicating a couple hours a week to the entire process?  

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What if you could have a book by the end of the year?  What if you could start the new year as a BEST SELLING AUTHOR?  What would that do for you your business?

It IS possible.  We took a small group of non-writers through our proven system last year and all of them ended up with a book, became best selling authors, and saw their businesses explode.

We are now opening our Book Writing Academy II to you!  

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“What a great experience writing a book! It was a challenge for me to stop, focus and write but I managed. I’ve obtained listings due to my book as well as a lot of exposure in the community! The leadership from Cheri Alguire and Brett Miller throughout the entire process is exceptional! They are there to support you every step of the way. I enjoyed the accountability, the weekly phone conferences with everyone in the Academy, sharing our thoughts & feelings during the process and MOST OF ALL – the END RESULT! A published author of a book! Don’t miss this opportunity! Bring it…YOU won’t be disappointed!”

– Janell Billiot, author of Make Mississippi Home.

We’ve helped several people write, publish, become best sellers, and become THE expert in their area. You can see some of the books we helped our students write at FreeBookWeek.com

Now, we want to help you!

We are excited to announce that we will be having another Book Writing Academy. This is a 12 week training and coaching program run by us, Cheri Alguire and Brett Miller. We are both Best Selling authors ourselves and we have helped more than a dozen people do the same.

We will be having an introductory webinar, introducing the program on:

Wednesday, September 27,2017
1:00 PM PacificTime
2:00 PM Central Time
3:00 PM Mountain Time
4:00 PM Eastern Time

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You have genius in you. You know so much about your field and people need the knowledge that you already have.  It will make a difference for them!

You could help so many people with your book. AND, you could set yourself up to explode your business, just like our previous Book Writing Academy Graduates.

Listen to the Webinar. See if it is right for you.  May now is the time to write that book!

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