How to Win More High-end Listings

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Would you like to list high-end homes?

Securing the listings on these coveted homes that bring in a much higher commission can be daunting. How is listing an expensive property different than the home that is at the entry level pricing?

You cannot resort to strategies that seldom work on these sellers. Door knocking and cold calling, in general, can be irritating to your prospects and time consuming for you as a real estate agent, not to mention the fact that they do not work as well on high-end sellers.

You may have been left feeling disappointed when you were in competition for a great listing, only to have lost to another agent.

So, what are you doing, or not doing, to be the agent of choice? How would you stand out from your competition to get hired and list that next expensive property?

You need to have a SYSTEM to effectively market to sellers like this.

Having a relationship marketing system for Real Estate Agents will help you stand out from your competition and win listings in the high-end markets.

Specifically, Big Cards from CardsforRealEstate.

Why?  It’s only logical to MAKE IT BIG if you are aiming for BIG properties. It may sound funny, but, it works.

Who wouldn’t take note of the agent that sends a BIG CARD?! You’ll definitely catch the attention of your prospect and increase your chance to get hired with that 8.2 by 11-inch sized card.

Add more value by including a photo of the house they are selling. Give them your unique selling proposition.

Get noticed. Send your Big Cards today and get hired to list more of the million dollar properties everyone’s aiming for.