Are you still fighting to close more deals to increase your sales?
If you are, we know that feeling can really be discouraging.
Betty Poore used to feel the way you do, but not anymore!
When Betty was just starting her career in the real estate industry, it wasn’t a smooth brew in the beginning. She worked double-time, reaching potential buyers and sellers, and extending a lot of time to close her monthly target sales.
She was an average real estate agent with an average real estate business.
But who wants to be average? Betty sure didn’t!
Betty wanted to earn more money and knew she would need guidance, a coach, someone who truly understands the real estate industry. A coach would keep her focused on her goals, set a plan to accomplish those, and motivate her to stay on top while enjoying life and fulfillment.

She wanted her business to grow, and she had very little idea how to do this.
Her career began to soar high when she met Coach Cheri and started working in 2003.
She hired Coach Cheri to help advance her business and succeed.
Coach Cheri helped Betty to move her real estate business forward by figuring out where she is now in different areas of her life and what she hopes to achieve. It is to understand and give her a clearer picture of her current position.
Following the marketing plan Coach Cheri set up for her, the business begins to thrive. Her real estate business began to flourish, meeting potential buyers, closing more and bigger deals, and reaching sky-high sales.
Buyers and sellers work with Betty to improve their real estate return of investment. Many potential clients are looking for solid information, dependable services, consistent communication, and professional experiences. She learns from coach Cher’s coaching technique and comprehensive accountability process, which Betty tries to deliver each and every time to her clients.
Then, the housing crisis of 2008 hit!
This greatly affected Betty’s market and not in a good way. Before, Betty’s real estate business was flourishing, but when the housing crisis hit, her business took a slow turn and began making no sales at all. Not long after, Betty was sitting on listing after listing until there was a pile of them.  She went eight long and dreadful months without making a single sale.
When other real estate businesses stopped their operations and Betty competition switched their line of work, Coach Cheri advised Betty to soldier on. And so she did! Betty listened to Coach Cheri and preserved in continuing her line of business.
When the housing bubble began popping out, they started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Betty’s listing is selling one after the other. People noticed her success and started listings with her as well. Before long, Betty became one of the top agents in their costs.
Betty continued coaching, mentoring, and receiving advice from Coach Cheri.
When Betty’s husband retired, she and Coach Cheri started planning an exit strategy. This began with a coach tending her team so that they could learn Betty’s style and eventually takes over her business.
Betty and Coach Cheri helped develop a plan. This plan is to create a team of real estate agents. Betty can foster the members and train them to become experts through Coach Cheri’s impeccable coaching skills.
She coached on setting up a transition team that would learn to work and develop a plan to work on her leads and eventually take over her business books. That had become 95% repeat and referral business by 20016 when they started working on her pre-retirement strategy.
Today, you can still find Betty in Charleston, where the heart and passion of a real estate broker still beat inside her. The only difference is that she has so much more time for her family which she spends having quality time, playing golf, and traveling to beautiful places.
She is actively marketing and selling many investment properties.

The secret of business, especially these days, is to focus relentlessly on your unfair advantage – the thing you do that others don’t.’ – John Rollwagen,

Betty gives credit to Coach Cheri and the work she has done for over 20 years. Coach Cheri has helped Betty to set and achieve her goals and even exceed them. They have worked together to create and implement a suitable business plan for Betty’s needs and skillset.

‘Without a doubt, Coach Cheri has been instrumental in my setting, obtaining, and in many cases, surpassing my goals. I wish I had started with her years ago.’ – Betty Poore.

Isn’t she inspiring?
The good news is, your business too can become successful like hers!
At Pro Business and Life Coach, opportunities are endless. We have professional coaches that can help you turn your business from average to an extraordinary one. A business that not only can survive challenges but become successful.
So, stop wasting your time trying so hard to reach your dreams!
Schedule a complimentary coaching call with us, and let’s discuss how we can help you get more sales and turbocharge your real estate business to the next level!
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