how to make your holidays less stressful
The holidays are for spending time with families, eating grand meals, giving back to communities, and accomplishing tasks before the end of the year. How are you going to squeeze time to do thousands of things? Some of us find holidays to be the busiest, craziest, and stressful time of the year. Whether you are still catching up on work or preparing for a family event, it can be a terrible feeling not to handle everything, and it can raise a lot of tension! Lucky for you, there are many ways to reduce holiday stress so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Here’s a list of things you can do to beat holiday stress:

  • Get Organized

Something that you obviously love going around and keeping everything organized. Make a list of what to do and check if you missed anything.
Write down everything you have to do. Try and estimate a time or date that you want to get something done. Let’s say getting a Christmas tree and decorating your place on the second week of December or getting groceries can cause delays and deter your holiday preparations.
This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. You will now have a clear view of what you should do. You can also prioritize tasks and weed out anything that is not essential. It will help you accomplish a much shorter to-do list and more time to relax.

  • Avoid Family Conflicts

Holidays bring us closer to our families. However, it also shows our need for boundaries, and even families can drive you crazy.
Before you pack your bags and go home, spend some time thinking about the potential conflicts with family. Do not be surprised if you have a family member who begins to rant and rave. You can’t change them, but you do get to decide how you respond. Keep your attention and stay focused on what you will and won’t tolerate. You can ask them to stop or leave the gathering. 
People will be talking a lot about politics, the economy, relations, current news, etc. Before you dive in your nose into a discussion, decide who and what you want to discuss. Pay attention to what makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or trapped. You don’t have to place yourself in a heated argument with another family member. So, set boundaries and avoid family conflict.

  • Set a Budget

The holidays are also a time when sales are popping up.  Retail stores are selling their products at a discounted price. It’s tempting to get all out and spend your entire saving. You may want to treat yourself to the expensive item you have been eyeing for a long time. Plus, you are buying gifts for your loved ones, so now you have even to learn more reasons to splurge.
While there is nothing wrong with doing that, you have to remember there is a lot on your plate this time. This also means there is a lot you have to spend on. You don’t want to find yourself at the checkout counter with nothing left in your wallet.
Allocating a specific amount for every area, you have to buy is a smart practice. The best thing you can do to keep your head afloat. When buying gifts, set an amount per person on your list. Decide how much you want to spend on food, decorations, and everything else. Stick to this budget. Your bank savings and your future self will thank you. Don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself as a reward for a whole year of working. Keep that also be your motivation to keep doing better.

  • Delegate Tasks

Nothing says holiday spirit more than being with your loved ones. A smart way to spend even more time with them is to be involved in the plans. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Now, you have fewer things to do, and you get to bond with them, too! Give them a call or send them a message, and ask if they can do something for you. Certainly, they would love to participate in all the planning and preparing and help lighten your load.
Are you staying at home and going to celebrate the holidays with the rest of your family on a video conference call? Assign someone to set the meeting and send the invites to everyone. They have someone take care of the food deliveries. Ask each family to prepare a performance or a video presentation. Getting them involved will surely make a more memorable holiday season for you and your family.

  • Stay Healthy

It is easy to set aside our well-being when we are always on the go. We can get so busy and focused on work that we neglect to tend to our basic needs. However, not taking care of yourself can only make you even more stressed. You don’t want to get sick in the middle of buying gifts, do you? Neither do you want to have a sneezing fit while preparing a big feast?
You don’t need to have an elaborate health plan to take care of yourself. Small and simple exercises are more than enough. The important thing is you are consistent in doing them. Have a big jug of water near you all the time so you can stay hydrated even when moving. Take short walks or do workouts and eat filling meals, and most importantly is rest now and then. The holidays are a beautiful time to be with family and a great reminder of everything you have to be thankful for. You do not want to let this chance pass you by because you want it to be perfect when it doesn’t have to be.
The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another — William James.

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