How does your morning routine affect your success?

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miracle morning, business coach, successHow does your morning routine affect your success?
What habits have you developed to start your day?
Do you know that successful real estate agents and business owners spend their mornings differently from average people?
Success doesn’t just come to you on a silver platter; it takes character, which is formed by developing certain habits that make a successful person.
Did you know that by changing how you start your day, you can speed up your journey to success?
This is true!
When your morning is productive, the rest of your day becomes productive.
In the book “Miracle Morning” written by Hal Erod, the author presents 6 habits you can develop every morning to start out your day in the best way possible.

Habit #1: Silence

This could be achieved by meditating, praying, personal reflection, or doing breath control exercises. Having a moment of silence allows you to unclutter your mind from yesterday’s chaos, giving you the opportunity to start afresh that day.

Habit #2: Affirmations

Once your mind is clear and you’re ready to organize the day ahead, take some time to affirm yourself of what you want to happen or do. Create sentences that would serve as your daily mantra, like “I’m going to meet the right client today,” or “I always have the solutions to my clients’ concerns.” Recite your affirming statements out loud so you can hear it; studies have shown that hearing encouraging or affirming statements actually have a positive effect on setting your mindset for the day ahead.

Habit #3: Visualization

One of the secrets of incredibly successful people is how they are able to see their success before it even happens. Visualizing your success is important because it gives you a clear sense of what you actually want to happen. How many sales do you want to achieve today? See yourself in places where you’ll meet the clients you’re looking for. Visualization is the window that lets you see where you’re going.

Habit #4: Exercise

It may sound a bit off-topic, but exercising actually has a lot to do with preparing your mind for the day ahead. When you exercise, you increase your blood flow, thus increasing the amount of oxygen that goes into your brain. Intense mental work must be coupled with physical exercise so your brain can handle the stresses that will be placed on it. Take time to do either yoga, walking, jogging or other forms of exercise that would get your blood pumping in the morning!

Habit #5: Reading

Studies have shown that reading books gives more to you than watching a television show or listening to a radio broadcast. This is because reading exercises the brain, giving it the exercise it needs by using your imagination to picture what the words are trying to say. Of course, when choosing a book to read, make sure it’s something that will benefit you in your field of expertise!

Habit #6: Scribing

Finally, write down your thoughts. Taking down notes on your daily reflections, or something that keeps popping in your head is really useful when you need to refer to them sometime in the future. Successful businessmen often bring a small notebook with them so they can take note of what they would be thinking about or what other people might tell them that is relevant to their business.
The habits listed above aren’t easy to develop, especially due to how the busyness of our day-to-day life can interrupt them, but they are essential to building the character that will enable you to become a successful business owner or real estate agent.
You don’t have to do it alone!
Let a business coach partner with you to help you develop these habits to bring you closer to the success you’ve always aspired to achieve.
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