Hoping for more repeat and referral business in 2019?

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

If you want more repeat and referral business in 2019, you need to have a plan that includes more than “hoping!”

You are a great Real Estate Agent! You care about your clients. You do an excellent job for them.

Then why don’t you get more referrals?

No, the key is not to ask for them. The key is to deserve them. And this means more than just being a good agent.

You need a plan. A Relationship Marketing Plan that will keep you top of mind and become a “friend” to your past clients and not just a REALTOR®

You need a powerful tool that allows you to stay top of mind and gives your sphere a personal touch and a plan that will ensure you are consistent in your touches.

You may have bought your greeting cards multiple times in the past, handwritten your message, added a business card, addressed the envelope, attached the stamps, and taken them to the nearest mailbox or post office. Whew! That was time-consuming, wasn’t it?

What if there’s a better way to not only do this automatically but help you stand out in the process?

Help your past clients and prospects remember you throughout the year by showing your appreciation on any occasion. Let your cards do the marketing for you. Let your cards help you earn those sought-after referrals!

You’ll be surprised how many more leads and referrals you generate in the whole year from taking the time to send a greeting card!

Advertising requires lots of money and is one way to build your business, albeit lengthy and expensive. Investing in your clients and prospects with greeting cards is a better alternative to getting those sought after referrals.

We encourage you to outline your relationship marketing plan and build a greeting card campaign using Cards For Real Estate. Save time by creating your cards in advance and let the system send them on the date you want to have them sent.

Here are our best picks:

  • Birthday Cards

  • Home Anniversary Cards,

  • Happy Fourth of July Cards,

  • Thanksgiving Cards,

  • Halloween Cards,

  • Christmas and New Year’s Cards

Make sure to add a gift item to really make an impact and ensure you stay top of mind.

Use Cards for Real Estate and turn your card sending into a breeze (and mind you you’ll never have to lick a bad tasting stamp ever again).