Holiday Card Etiquette for Real Estate Agents

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

The Holidays is the time of year to thank your past clients for their business and to thank your sphere for past and future referrals. But, what is the right and wrong way to send Holiday Greetings as a real estate agent?
Here are some DOs and DON’TS for sending Gifts and Holiday Cards:

  1. Digital e-mail card is a no-no.

Use a real card. Sending email cards is lightning fast and convenient but may not be as effective as an actual card delivered via postal mail. Email cards may get lost and tagged as spam and many won’t even open them. It makes you look “cheap!” Especially when it is just as easy to use CardsForRealEstate and sending a physical greeting card through the mail with a real stamp and your personal handwriting font is as easy as sending an email. You can even send them from your smartphone with the app. Download the iOS and Android Apps using the links.

  1. Personalize your cards.

Make sure you write a short personal message to your recipient and sign it! Your handwriting is unique and gives your card a personal touch. Use the handwriting font feature in CardsForRealEstate to achieve this goal.

  1. Less is more.

Simple Elegance! Go for a simple Season’s Greeting or a Happy Holidays card if you are not sure of your recipient’s religious affiliation. Cards that mention a specific holiday or are too religious may not be appropriate. That being said, most people are not offended by being told Merry Christmas, either.

  1. Do NOT send your business card in your Holiday Cards.

One way to negate all of your efforts in sending Holiday Greetings is to combine it with a marketing message or by adding a business card. People do business with people they know, like and trust. One way to increase the like factor is to do something nice! Send a Holiday card and add a small gift to everyone who positively impacted your business this year. There is a time and place for traditional marketing and asking for referrals, and Holiday Cards are NOT the time! What is appropriate is subtle custom branding on the back of your cards. CardsForRealEstate makes this super easy!

  1. Send them out on or before December 11.

December 11 is exactly two weeks before Christmas and your timing is crucial. Sending your cards too late reduces their impact. Expect busy postal services a week before Christmas; the perfect reason to send them in advance. Plus, if your card is the first to arrive, it will be on display throughout the entire Holiday Season!

  1. Step it up a notch.

Sending greeting cards is a good relationship marketing tool on its own, however, going the extra mile with a little gift or gift card makes your card more special. Make them feel more special with CardsForRealEstate gift items from our Gift Store. Toss in a small item or a gift card from your favorite store. Cards For Real Estate has gift cards from Starbucks, Wal-mart, Target, and Amex.

No matter what you’re sending your clients and prospects it surely means a lot to them.