Have you ever wanted to write a book?

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Have you ever wanted to write a book?
Maybe you have a book “in you” and you’ve always wanted to write it, but you never seem to have the time.
Well, with the world stuck at home, maybe now is the time!
Many realtors and business owners don’t realize this, but writing a book expands your client base because it enables you to reach people that normally wouldn’t be interested in your product or service.
This is because through a book, you are no longer selling a resource – you become the resource.
Writing your own book showcases your wealth of knowledge in your field of expertise; you have genius in you!
You know so much about your field. If only people who needed your service knew that you were such an expert.
“Having a book is “almost” unfair to other Realtors in my market. After sellers receive the book, I become their agent of choice. The book is almost like magic and makes real estate fun again If you want to either kick start your career or put it into overdrive, learning to write a book from the HoopJumper Writing Academy is a must!!!”
Bryan Vogt, author of
Ready, Set, Sold
Or maybe you are like Megan:

“Coaching with Cheri not only helped direct me on a personal level to feel fulfilled with that empty space but led me into accomplishing my dream of writing a book and so much more! I went from stay at home mom to Amazon #1 best selling author in under a year! Every time I felt like it was too hard, Cheri would offer me the encouragement I needed as well as direction to make things happen. Now, “Brody the Bulldozer” has been read in libraries, schools and homes across the nation and I know it is just the beginning for this children’s book to make a difference in people’s lives. I can’t wait to see how Cheri can help me write more books and help this book to touch the lives of many more people. Dreams do come true! And, I’m grateful for dream chasers like Cheri that help me accomplish my dreams.”
Megan Bailey, author of Brody the Bulldozer

Now you may be asking yourself, “Can a book really boost my income?”
The answer is YES!!! The book you will write and publish will help you grow your business in waysyou never imagined.
“What a great experience writing a book! It was a challenge for me to stop, focus and write but I managed. I’ve obtained listings due to my book as well as a lot of exposure in the community! The leadership from Cheri Alguire and Brett Miller throughout the entire process is exceptional! They are there to support you every step of the way. I enjoyed the accountability, the weekly phone conferences with everyone in the Academy, sharing our thoughts & feelings during the process and MOST OF ALL – the END RESULT! A published author of a book! Don’t miss this opportunity! Bring it…YOU won’t be disappointed!”
Janell Billiot, author of Make Mississippi Home and Navigating the American Dream
“But I’m not confident that I can write a book,” you may be thinking.
Writing a book is something EVERYBODY can do, though most don’t. Why? Because sometimes you need a coach to keep you on track and reassure you that you CAN do it.

“The entire academy was an awesome experience! Brett and Cheri literally held our hands from start to finish and helped all of us make our dream of publishing a book a reality – and it only took us 4 months! I highly recommend them, and plan to go through the process again for my next publication!”
Angela May, author of
Destination Sold! and Destination Dream Home

Introducing the Book Writing Academy Training and Book Writing Coaching

I’ve heard this time after time… “I can’t believe I actually wrote a book!”
This is from our Book Writing Academy graduates. Realtors and business people JUST LIKE YOU who had no idea that they could put their thoughts into an actual book.
We helped each one of them write and publish their book, and then helped them become a best selling author, and saw their businesses explode!
We have received testimonials of an extra 5 and 6 figure income that they have made in less than a year, all because of the book. Even we were surprised by the level of success they achieved!
Here are the topics in the recorded Book Writing Academy I and II:

Book Writing Academy I
  • Why You Want to Write a Book
  • Planning Your Book
  • Expanding Your Chapter Content
  • Coming Up With Your Book Title
  • Designing Your Book Cover
  • Other Internal Ingredients
  • Editing Your Book
  • Preparing Your Book for Kindle
  • Preparing Your Book for Print
  • Author Central Account Setup
  • Book Publishing Checklist
  • Special Call with Eric Lofholm
  • Book Launch Plan
  • Check-in Call for Book Launch
  • Free Book Week
  • Post Launch Call
  • Using Your Book to Develop Your Platform

Book Writing Academy II
  • Make More Money with a Book
  • Planning Your Material
  • Outlining Your Chapters
  • Outline Chapter Questions
  • Answering the Questions
  • Coming Up with a Good Book Title
  • Designing Your Book Cover
  • Other Internal Book Ingredients
  • Editing Your Draft
  • Book Checklist
  • Kindle Formatting
  • Checking In
  • Amazon Author Page
  • Preparing Your Book for Print
  • Preparing Your Book for Print
  • Book Launch Plan
  • Developing Your Platform

We have two programs to help you write your book. The first is a self study course where you have access to the recordings and the second option includes one-on-one coaching.
Interested in writing your own book and increasing your income?
“Since writing my book, all of my listings since have been so easy to sign. Thanks again to you Brett and Cheri for your Book Writing Academy! I had been to conferences on writing books in the past but they all gave you a template to follow. Working with you both and your hands-on approach, the follow-up and the community with the other writers was awesome. I hit #1 on Amazon in February of 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Thanks again!”
Steve Bradley, author of Consider it Sold!

How about you? Are you ready to write that book?
Contact me at https://www.coachcheri.com/contact-us/ for more information.