Half-Time Business Review: The Road To Company’s Success

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Business Planning, Featured, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate

Time flies so fast, can you believe we are almost halfway through the year.?
Have you checked your business marketing goals? Are you on track to hit those goals?
The first half may have had a lot of distractions. So, what have you done for the last six months?
Family vacations?
Traveled abroad?
Marketing campaigns?
Personal activities tend to distract us and may even throw us off our goals.
If you feel you’ve fallen off track, don’t worry! Now is the time to refocus your mindset to find success and achieve your business goals.
Let’s dig into why companies conduct half-time business reviews and how they maximize their potential.

What is a Business Review

A business review is a way to evaluate the growth and measure target sales the business has. It is a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s performance over a certain period.
This is also an opportunity to ask yourself and your team the following questions:
Are your current marketing strategies working?
Are we seeing success with our current projects?
Or how do we make ourselves even better?
Or is everyone on the team still focused on the same goal?
Business reviews can be held monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on how big your business goals are. This usually covers employee performance up to the company’s sales metrics.

Importance of Conducting Half-Time Business Review

Conducting a half-time business review allows you to see how much you are spending per client or if you can reach the sales threshold.
Most company leaders may have the same questions like:

  • What’s our marketing cost versus the number of customers for the past six months?
  • Are we making sales, if not, what do we need to do differently?
  • Maybe we can try a different approach?

With this marketing analysis, you will be able to separate which product has sales improvement and pulling in more leads. With, this, you can focus on developing your business plan for the year-end target.
Here are a few key factors why you should conduct a business review.

  • Employee Performance

While the result of each individual is what brings the company to its goal, there are relationships between every team member that should be assessed.
Set aside a few minutes to have an open conversation about your observations, their challenges and figure out what improvements are needed from them individually.
Even with this approach, there will be hesitation from your team as this is an activity that could lead them to be vulnerable. Assure them that every piece of information shared during that time will stay confidential.

  • Company Metrics

You will have a clearer view of the business’s performance and where your company stands in terms of actual sales versus target sales. A presentation comparing both facts will help business owners to analyze whether it’s time to reallocate the firm’s resources to boost other marketing strategies that work better than the previous one.
Once you figure out where you stand, you will now inspect customer retention and loyalty. If you see that your customers are growing, you should find ways to improve your company’s service to retain them.
However, suppose the review reveals a decline in customer loyalty. In that case, you may create marketing action plans such as giving out giveaways, posting a short survey on customer satisfaction, or offer deals and promotions. 
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Purpose of Half-Time Business Review

Most companies conduct half-time business reviews to track their goals quarterly and how the business is doing at a certain point of the year.

  • Evaluate performance
  • Reallocate resources to achieve higher goals
  • Review income and expenses so you are aware of profit and loss
  • Take more decisive actions than you would have without a half-time review.
  • Provide leadership for your team
  • Offer focus for your team

There’s nothing quite like an abundance of success and profit and a full sales and marketing pipeline to make a business owner happy. Create more than one marketing idea to ensure the product stays on top of the game.
A business review aims to make business easy while reaping the resources of quality planning, and preparing for long-term business.
Remember T.S. Elliot said ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’

Types of Business Reviews

While there are many different types of business reviews, these three fundamental types persist because they’re simple and effective.
This also allows you to determine which is right for your company.

  • Business Plan Assessment

Meet with leaders and teammates to discuss the annual plans as well as the three-year plan.
Do they still make sense, or should there be adjustments?
Are there goals to add or tasks that are no longer relevant?
Understand there are priorities based on marketing and competitor changes. Re-evaluating your plans gives you and your organization the opportunity to make important shifts for better outcomes generate more success.

  • Evaluate Team Performance

The half-time reviews are an excellent way to provide feedback and growth opportunities to employees. An added benefit, half-time reviews can have a different tone and focus than end-of-year performance reviews. Ask leaders to conduct half-time reviews with each individual on their teams and request that the team provides feedback on leaders.

  • Celebrate Business Milestones

Have you achieved quarterly benchmarks?
Exceeded predicted growth year-to-date?
Take a moment to celebrate the achievement with your team. Recognize individual efforts, teamwork, and specific accomplishments. In addition, determine if new incentives or a more engaging theme will create more celebrations in the next half of the year.
Remember the important opportunity a Half-Time re-grouping provides.
If you’re winning, take advantage of the success and momentum, and push harder!
If you’re not, you have another half of the year to recover and change the outcome. So, rebuild the enthusiasm and fight for a strong finish!

Best Qualities of Half-Time Business Review

Completing a Half-Time business review makes updating your business plan easier. A review brings energy and action to the business planning process. To ensure quality and comprehensive plan, employ the following tips:

  • Planning and preparation by you must precede the meeting
  • Create and show your written plan to your team
  • Allow sufficient time to complete the review
  • State the type of meeting, protocol, and expectations of the review
  • Discuss money matters last, or a least late, within the meeting
  • Meet your team where they are, as opposed to where you want them to be
  • Discuss first the success and the accomplishments to fertilize the mind on necessary areas for improvement.
  • Complete quality control check for communications with key players and organizations

Taking time out of one’s busy schedule to hold a review is an essential part of business management. The first step is to write down an outline agenda highlighting what you want to accomplish with your team (even if your team is small or just you) for the remainder of the current year.

Seek Guidance From A Professional Coach

You might ask, “Who has time to get all these things done?”
Having a professional coach is a very effective tool to assess the productivity and success of your company. A few minutes of conversation and analysis can start you on the right path. That’s good news!
Pro Business and Life Coaches can offer you an extensive 90-day program on how to jumpstart your business. We will help you analyze your business so you can conduct a more comprehensive Business Review whenever you want!
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