Get in the game and DO IT

by | May 9, 2015 | Grow to Greatness, Real Estate Moms

Learning a new skill, whether it be running, blogging, cooking, or anything requires far more than taking classes and reading books. After you have finished reading the books, and taking the classes, there is one thing left to do – do it! You can’t play in the game, if you are not in the game.
Books, trainers, teachers and coaches can help a lot. They inform, they help you understand the process, and they give you guidance when you need it, but that is not enough. If you don’t get out there and “do” it, you will not learn everything you need to learn. You need to put your knowledge to practical use.
What all this really means, though, is you have to practice. Lace up your sneakers and run, pick up those needles and knit, sit down and type your next blog posting. We’ve all heard the oft-said phrase, “Practice Makes Perfect,” and while very little in life is actually perfect, the phrase does hold great value and an undeniable truth. Anything in life that we want to get better at, we must practice at. And the first step is to just do it, try it, again and again.
Whether it is practicing running, playing a piano, delivering a speech, or any other skill, we all need continued practice in order to become successful in that skill. Each type of skill demands different muscles in your body to stand up and pay attention. Some, like running, are more about the physical body strengthening and changing with continued work. Others, like playing chess, are more about the brain stretching and learning the ins and outs with each game played.
What about you? What have you been studying, learning about, and gaining information on that you need to stop and just get out there and do? What is your game that you are playing in this thing we call business? Or in this thing we call life? Let me know what that might be for you. Isn’t it time you just got in the game. Isn’t it just time to DO IT!