Five Insights on Tapping Your Hidden Strength and Potential

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

What makes a strong woman? NAFE member Helene Lerner – author, Emmy Award-winning television host, and renowned health and diversity consultant – asked this question of the readers of her Women Working website and received extraordinary answers from women from all walks of life. Responding with humor and depth, their replies are motivating and thought-provoking, an inspiration to every woman facing life’s largest struggles as well as the daily battles that can be just as challenging.

Helene has compiled these responses in her new book, What Makes a Strong Woman? 101 Insights from Some Remarkable Women which was recently released by Andrews McMeel Publishing. Here are five insights on realizing your strength and potential from the book:

1. Be strong: “A strong woman can carry her laptop, breast pump, gym bag, diaper bag, and purse all at the same time!” – Kim Lowe, Managing Editor, MSN Travel, Microsoft Corporation

2. Stick with it: “She perseveres regardless of the odds and circumstances. You don’t know how strong you are until you’ve hit bottom and survived.” – Jill Stover, Senior Immigration Paralegal, BP America Inc.

3. Smile: “She can smile each and every day, knowing that the office is in chaos.” – Kenya D. Taylor, Default Specialist, GMAC Mortgage Corporation

4. Stand tall. “A strong woman doesn’t need stilettos to stand tall.” – Anjali Saxena, student, Wesleyan University

5. Don’t sweat, don’t blink. “A strong woman is comfortable enough in her own skin to trust her instincts, is generous to others, and never questions her entitlement to equality. She not only never lets them see her sweat, but never lets them see her blink!” – Dolores Morris, Vice President, HBO Family and Documentary Programming.


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