First Quarter Goals: How to Effectively Execute a Review

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Business Planning, Featured, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate, Time Management

first quarter review, goals, business goalsHow is 2021 going for you so far?
March is almost over – did you hit your first quarter goals?

If yes…

Give yourself a pat on the back – but don’t stop there. It’s time to set some higher goals for the next quarter.
At this point, you’ve already built momentum for your business and life; keep moving forward and increase the pace.
Don’t let that momentum stop, because if you do, you’ll be back to square one.
It’s like driving your car along the highway – when you’re on third gear, you don’t want to hit the brakes; instead, you would accelerate and reach higher speeds.
Did you reach your sales quota this quarter? Then increase your target quota next quarter.
How about in your personal life? Were you able to visit that one place you planned on visiting? Then don’t stop!
That’s what life is about. Evolving. Improving.

But what if you didn’t reach your first quarter goals?

Don’t beat yourself up if this happens. Dust yourself off, then take time to evaluate the reasons behind you falling short of your expectations.
Go through your goals and the plans you made to achieve them, and you’ll trace the point at which those plans weren’t sufficient enough to meet your expectations.
So how do you review your performance this quarter?
You can do this by focusing on your Objectives and Key Results.
Your Objectives are the goals you set for yourself or your business to achieve. This may be “I want to generate more leads”, or “I want to get more sleep”.
Key Results are how you measure whether or not you achieved those Objectives. These are concrete, actionable items that will let you know how you were able to reach your set goals.
For example, if your Objective is to “generate more leads,” then your Key Results may include one or more of the following:

  • Run 3 Facebook Ads that point to your landing pages
  • Test 3 variations of your landing page
  • Grow your leads to 2x the original number

It’s important to keep a cool head when doing this – I’ve known people who, due to experiencing disappointment during the first quarter, let their whole year get ruined because of it.

Don’t let that be you.

Of course, I know that if this is the case in your business and life, you’re looking for a better strategy to revamp your plans so you can get to your goals next quarter.
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