Fingertip Sales

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

A lot of times we forget about all of the different sales niches that are right under our fingertips. We get bogged down by the market slowing down and we think that our methods of sales to new prospective clients isn’t working. Get yourself out of this cycle by opening your eyes to all of the possibilities that are available to you and are right in front of you.
Past clients: How well have your relationships been maintained with past clients? Do you even remember the names of clients from 1 year ago? How about from 5 years ago? It is a necessity to maintain good relationships with past clients because you never know when they are going to give you a referral or even move homes and use you again. Make sure that you stay a consistent part of their lives with various forms of contact: Birthday cards, Home anniversary cards, eNewsletters, etc. Do whatever it takes to make yourself a household names in houses that are ‘yours.’
Business Networks: It never seems like we have the time to wake up extra early and go to those networking meetings, or take out time for lunch for a business luncheon. You honestly never know when you’re going to get a new lead, and business networks are some of the few places that you will most likely get a new lead every time you visit. Why prevent yourself from getting sales when they are right there? Meet people, meet leads, get referrals and give referrals. Business networks are always thriving forms of connectivity.
Open houses: Today, open houses aren’t just in person. That’s why you have to put extra effort into staying in contact with prospective clients that see your open houses in person and on line. Didn’t know you could have open houses online? You can create a video walk through of homes for sale and place it easily online. This makes it easier for you and for buyers to see what they want over and over again. However, that means that you have to make extra special effort to contact them via email and cards, and make sure that your follow-up system is seamless.

Home for sale – a sign in front of a brick house

For Sale By Owners: We’ve heard of them, we’ve read about them, but now they’re more prevalent and necessary than ever. Are you doing everything you can to contact FSBO’s in your area? There are quick and easy ways to find FSBO’s and get them before everyone else jumps on the leads. At you can find out how to get a hold of this “insider” information. Not only finding them early, but constantly contacting them without being overbearing is key. This means knowing their home more than they do, knowing facts, values, and when you’re going to sell it for them. Nail down the details before anyone else has gotten a chance to.
Rolodex: Ok, we don’t have rolodexes anymore…I’ve come to terms with that and I’m sure you have as well! Whatever contact management system you use, are you staying in contact with your contacts? This includes former acquaintances, social contacts, and many more leads that are sitting in your phone, on your computer, in Top Producer, etc. Get a hole of them and make sure you are “managing” your contacts continuously.
Look to these niches if you’re searching for creative lead generation methods. I’m sure you’ll find a couple of sales waiting to happen!
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